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Woman witnesses sexual harassment in hotel quarantine despite new rules in place

Another woman has been sexually hassled in hotel quarantine despite new rules framed to prevent it.

Women feeling unsafe in hotel quarrantine
Women feeling unsafe in hotel quarrantine

Last month the government directed that female guest would get female guards Compaint regarding sexually hassled.

However, Lorna Farmer, 28, stepped out of the Hilton Garden Inn at Birmingham airport a week ago when a guard offered to “entertain” her in her room.

The Department of Health and Social Care now states that it will introduce a new phone line for women to report harassment privately.

The new measures encompassed a new devoted complaints system and extra training for guards on how to act around lone women and the plan for women to be overseen by female guards “when available”.

Lorna Farmer mentions, however, that she was only accompanied outside on exercise breaks by male guards.

She mentioned that she started receiving unwanted attention from a security guard engaged by the company, Mitie, soon after arriving at the Hilton Garden Inn on Sunday, 25 July.

She shared that he asked to see her in her pyjamas and wanted to enter her room. He kept repeatedly knocking on her door and sometimes sat on the floor outside it.


At one time, when she was cleaning her room, he said: “Why don’t you put that Hoover down and I’ll come in and entertain you.”

Ms Farmer mentioned that he repeated this another five times within 10 minutes.

The guard was removed when she complained about him to the head of the security team in the hotel, from the company Mitie.

However, Ms Farmer stated a different guard had also made lewd comments to female guests during their exercise break, because of which she still felt unsafe and got her father to come and drive her home.

She then informed about the harassment of police in Northamptonshire, where she is from.

Mitie said, “Should a complaint be raised by a guest a full investigation is carried out. In this case, the investigation found that the officer had not followed our procedures and therefore is no longer working on the contract.”

When questioned if he was still working for Mitie and whether he might now be working another quarantine hotel, a spokesperson said she could not share personal information about staff.

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