Why so many men have no real friends final conclusion (2022 Update): Read More

Why so many men have no real friends final conclusion (2022 Update): Read More

One and all, who supports Max Dickins? A confession was made by Max Dickins, a well-known comedian in the United States and Canada. He admitted that when he wanted to ask his lady love to marry him, he had no real friend to ask to be his best man.

What is the reason Max Dickins in the news?

In a recent interview, Max Dickins mentioned that he had trouble finding a true buddy to ask to be his best man. He continues to discuss the incident by claiming that there are some unwritten norms governing male friendships. He claimed that although he has gone to restaurants, ice cream shops, and other places with his female friends, it has never been a bar.

One of the explanations given by psychology professor Dr. Ryan Mckelley is that men are frequently expected to be emotionless and to not display emotions associated with anger. It is argued to be the root of the problem of why so many men lack true friendships.

What is said by the online community?

We made the decision to conduct online study to learn more causes and whether other people shared our sentiments. Users are giving their points of view here. One user, for instance, emphasises the lack of true friends. He goes on to talk about routinely socialising and staying in touch via SMS. But he enjoys himself most when alone.

Other noteworthy aspects of exerting excessive effort to preserve friendships largely depend on your most recent engagement with them. However, Dr. Ryan McKelley, a therapist, attributes the lack of real friendships in men to their lack of emotional openness.

More details about friendships and guys

One of the most well-liked stand-up comedians and entertainers is Max Dickins.

The interviewer remarked during one of the interviews that he was looking for the perfect man.

Here, Max had intended to wed the love of his life but afterwards understood that he lacked true friends who could serve as his ideal husband.

He then sent an email to Dr. Ryan McKelley, a psychiatrist with a focus on treating male patients.

He also mentions how boys are socialised to be less sexy.

Final Conclusion

One of the main causes of this is the stigma against having in-depth conversations with other boys in friendships.

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