What you should avoid in real time video chatting (update 2022) : Learn more

We are becoming more adept at navigating all facets of working digitally as more and more offices move toward remote employment. We participate in a lot of video conference calls because meetings are increasingly taking place totally online. It could take some getting used to if you don’t have much experience with video conferencing, especially if your entire staff is now working remotely.

Here is a list of video conference don’ts:-

Organize your space

Find a quiet area to take the call if you can. If not, wear headphones to reduce ambient noise. In order to reduce disruptions, let your roommates, partners, or family members who are also working from home (or who are simply stranded at home) know that you’ll be in a meeting.

If you’re using a separate camera, put it close to your monitor. It works best if you position the camera at eye level so that when you look at the screen, it appears as though you’re looking at the person you’re speaking to.

Ensure that your face is well lighted. Although overhead lights also function effectively, natural light and side lighting are preferable. Organize the space around you. Before the call, turn on your external camera or your laptop’s camera to see what’s in the background and determine whether you feel safe sharing that during a video conversation.

Avoid starting an unannounced spontaneous video call

There’s a reason why nobody answers unexpected FaceTime calls, and the same reasoning holds true at the office. The cardinal sin of video etiquette is to unexpectedly call someone on a video call.

Send a brief chat message or email to warn them and acquire their explicit permission before starting the video conference to prevent this. Attempt a phone call first, and if that doesn’t work, try a video call. Nobody likes to appear unprepared on camera.

Don’t speak during other people’s conversations

Do not interrupt people who are speaking; this should go without saying since it is equally necessary in person and during video chats. In addition to the normal disrespect and confusion it may cause, it may also generate static or other audio distortions during a video conversation.

If you both begin speaking at the same time, you could unintentionally speak over one another. If this happens, stop speaking as soon as you can and give one person the floor. It’s in your best interest to refrain from interruptions and allow one person to talk at a time since else no one can hear you.

Never be late

It should go without saying, but please arrive on time! There is no justification for the distinction that some individuals make between video calls and in-person communication.

Take a video call as seriously as you would an in-person meeting, and be on time. You’re wasting valuable time that your coworkers and clients could be utilising for other activities.

Remember to close the chat window after you’re finished

Last but not least, be sure to properly end the chat or turn off your camera and microphone after you’re finished. Most platforms will immediately close the window once the meeting host or first participant does, although not all of them operate in that way.

Make sure to exit out of the call window after the call ends to protect your privacy. Checking to see if your webcam camera’s light is still on is one technique to troubleshoot this on a Mac (and some PCs). Your camera is still on if the indication light is still on, and you should double check that you left the call properly.

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