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What is Incense Burner and its benefits (2022 Update): Know more


Incense is a type of plant material that is burned to release fragrant aromas. They come packaged in sticks, cones, and powders in fragrances from sandalwood to jasmine to palo santo. Incense has been used for centuries and is still used in many spiritual and religious rituals throughout the world.

Scents, aromas, and fragrances (or whatever you want to call them) can be used to elicit specific responses. For example, it can be used to promote relaxation, sleep, concentration, creativity, motivation, and sexual desire.


Unwind and relax

Light some incense and relax on the sofa with a cup of tea, a book, and some soothing music. Alternatively, run a bath and replace the candles with one or two Incense Sticks. Soft fragrances will add to the experience, allowing you to give yourself time and space away from the stresses of everyday life.

Because Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood are all “calming fragrances,” they are excellent for general relaxation.

In order to reconnect with your memories

Do you have a favourite scent that makes you feel particularly sentimental or thoughtful? Burn that incense to transport yourself back in time. “Of all our senses, smell is the only one that goes directly to the brain,” Biziou observes. “As a result, it can also evoke memories of the past.”


When practising meditation, many religious practises use incense to deepen attention, heighten senses, and uplift one’s own spirit. The burning of set length incense sticks was traditionally used to measure the passage of time.

Sandalwood and Lotus are the most commonly used meditation oils, but you should use whatever suits you best. One that transports you to your destination without taking over your thoughts.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Reduce body activities such as heart rate and breathing. This is a step up from relaxing. Encourage your mind to stop worrying and jumping from one thing to the next. For this, choose the purest and highest quality Sandalwood. Lavender and Rosemary are also excellent choices.

Mindfulness and Generosity

Whether formal or informal, religious or aesthetic, lighting an incense stick as an offering creates good Karma. A straightforward method of accomplishing something with no expectation of reward. A generous and forgiving act.

Make this a mindful activity by using a high-quality Incense Stick. Prepare with care, selecting your stick, incense bowl, and lighting materials. Turn on the light, ‘listen’ to the fragrance, and unwind.

To incorporate the element of fire into your rituals

Natural elements must be balanced in many traditions, including ayurveda (India’s ancient system of medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine, before true healing can begin. Using incense as a source of fire in addition to the other elements (water, earth, air, and space) during practises such as meditation can help to deepen and balance your practise.

Boost Concentration

Burn Aloeswood and uplifting fragrances while working or studying to improve focus and concentration. Fragrances have a subtler effect on the mind and body than music, making them an ideal partner for work, study, or engaging in a hobby that requires detailed focus.

Written by Upasna Sharma

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