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What is Couples Therapy ? What are its Benefits Update 2022 : Know More

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is counselling for married or unmarried couples who are in a relationship. Marriage counselling is another name for it. The goal is to improve the couples’ relationship, or sometimes to help them decide whether or not they should continue staying together. Although the focus is on the couple, there are times when one or both parties’ individual psychological issues must be addressed.

Therapy sessions are frequently designed to improve problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and the identification of life goals and relationship responsibilities. Infidelity, anger, financial problems, illness, or other life changes are also common issues.

What are the Benefits of Couples Therapy?

The advantages of relationship counselling will vary depending on the couple seeking assistance. The more you and your romantic partner are willing to invest in your relationship, the better the results will be.

Find an unbiased sounding board

Finding a good couples therapist entails finding someone in whom you both have faith. Your therapist can listen to what both of you are saying and then provide honest, impartial, and unbiased feedback. Hearing what someone else is hearing can sometimes help us see our relationship in a new light. That neutral party can listen to both sides and provide you with constructive feedback based on what they hear.

Make a safe haven for you and your partner

When we have a disagreement with our romantic partner, feeling safe is something that both of us struggle with. You must be willing to be vulnerable, open up, and be honest in order to truly navigate conflict. That can be frightening.

Couples therapy creates a safe space in which boundaries are established and enforced, and a neutral third party monitors the process and intervenes as needed. This means that both of you can learn to be truly open and communicate effectively while still feeling safe.

Explain how you feel about the relationship

Couples may seek therapy simply to gain a basic understanding of what they truly desire from their relationship. You may enter therapy believing that you will do whatever it takes to save your relationship. You may also come to therapy wondering if your relationship can be saved. In either case, therapy can assist you in exploring, comprehending, and clarifying your feelings.

A therapist can assist you and your partner in deciding what you want for the future and then provide you with strategic ways to achieve those relationship goals.

Improve your communication abilities

Couples therapy can help you improve your communication skills so you can communicate more effectively and productively with your partner. Your therapist may have you practise a variety of couple communication exercises with your partner. One of the most significant advantages of focusing on communication skills is that they can be applied to areas of your life other than your immediate relationship.

Knowing how to communicate effectively can help you professionally, with friends, and even in conflict situations.

Restore faith

People frequently seek counselling because they have lost trust in a relationship. Infidelity, dishonesty, financial difficulties, and a variety of other factors can all contribute to trust issues.

Therapy is an excellent place to express a lack of trust, investigate how it was broken, work on forgiveness (or retribution if necessary), and then create a space for new boundaries to be established so that healing can begin. Regaining trust can be difficult, but it is not impossible. With the right tools, you can really start to lay the groundwork for rebuilding your relationship.

Written by Upasna Sharma

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