Vital Chakra Shop Review Final Conclusion (Update 2022): Know more

Vital Chakra Shop Review Final Conclusion (Update 2022): Know more

If you are looking for crystal jewellery than we recommend you Vital Chakra Shop.

Have you ever bought jewellery online? People typically visit a well-known retailer to purchase jewellery. People are more drawn than ever to online stores because of their wide selection.

So, today’s topic will be a jewelry-related website. Check out our Vital Chakra Shop Reviews if you’re interested in learning more about this Vital Chakra Shop, which has recently gained popularity in the United States.

Introduction to Vital Chakra Shop

The website was launched on March 9, 2022, and is well known for its jewellery sales. They specialise in selling jewellery made of crystal. They also have pyramids, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewellery. Additionally, they are giving discounts across the board. A 70% off buy 3 for 1 bargain is being offered in an effort to attract clients.

Specifications for the website

Website Creation Date: The website was initially made on March 9, 2022, making it a very recent creation.

Offerings: Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

Payment Options: Amex, Apple Pay, Discover, and Google Pay are the available payment methods. PayPal, MasterCard, and Shop Pay. Visa.

Domain Link: To access the website, click on the following link:

 Email Id-connect

Firm Address: We apologise, but we were unable to locate the company address.

Company number: They are missing this information.

Return Policy :Products should not be returned beyond 30 days, according to the return policy.

Exchange Policy :Products may be exchanged within 30 days after purchase.

Shipping  Timing: Check The Vital Chakra Shop Review to verify if the products will arrive in 5–10 days for shipping.

Refund Policy: It is not possible to have a refund policy.

Pros and Cons of Vital Chakra Shop


  • The website provides special discounts .
  • On their website, you can access the newsletter.
  • Both the url and the Portal names are the same.
  • The website’s owner is listed on the site.
  • The HTTPS protocol and SSL integration are both used to secure the website.


  • There are no social media accounts for the website.
  • They failed to provide accurate contact details.
  • There isn’t a single reliable consumer review available.
  • The site is at the height of its ages.

Is Vital Chakra Shop Legit or Scam?

Let’s examine the aspects contributing to the credibility of this website to dispel our concerns.

Website Foundation Date: This website, which was very recently founded on 2022/03/09, is unreliable.

Portal Expiration Date: The website will shut down on March 9, 2023.

Trust Score:The website’s trust score is merely 1 percent, which is regarded as a low score.

Trust Ranking: Rating for this website is not available.

Social Media Presence :There are no active social media accounts associated with the website.

Feedback:Customers have not provided any feedback.

Policies: There are one or two that are absent.

Text Originality: Check Vital Chakra Shop Review to verify if 93% of the content in the About Us section has been copied.

Contact Information: The website’s address and phone number contain incorrect contact information.

Owner Information: The owner of the website is identified.

Deals and Discounts:Discounts and deals that are unrealistic are available on the website.

Customer Feedback

Online sites claim that no published customer reviews exist. Customers have not left any feedback on this website. There are no reviews on Trustpilot or other websites. But there are a couple of reviews. Customer reviews are, nonetheless, quite important when evaluating websites. There are none on this website. can be contacted via Vital Chakra Shop Review to ask for a PayPal refund.

Final Conclusion

An online jewellery store called Vital Chakra Shop was only just established. The website lacks proper contact information, social media profiles, and customer evaluations while listing its creator. Additionally, the trust index is poor.

We can get the conclusion that this website seems dubious. You can also return frequently to see updates. You could also hold off on next updates.

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