UK Travel: Amber watchlist travel proposal ruled out

UK Travel
UK Travel

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentioned that he wanted a “simple” and “balanced approach” to pandemic in UK travel. As per sources, no new categories would now be added.

Tory MPs and travel industry figures initially mentioned a complex system risked putting people off from travelling.

The government had been reviewing the idea of a new level in the government’s traffic light system for overseas travel, in advance of the next review this week.

It would have cautioned people when a destination was at risk of a sudden shift from amber to red – implying that travel would be barred for everyone except UK nationals and residents, who would be required to isolate in a hotel on their return.

As opposition to the proposal emerged, Mr. Johnson mentioned he wanted to stop new coronavirus variants entering the UK, though he recognised the desire to go abroad.

“We also have to recognise that people want, badly, to go on their summer holidays, we need to get the travel industry moving again, we need to get our city centres open again and so we want an approach that is as simple as we can possibly make it,” he mentioned.

The prime minster mentioned that the UK’s economy and society were about “the most open in Europe” however he mentioned that caution was still required.

The travel industry expressed their relief at the news that the watchlist would not go ahead.

Tim Alderslade, chief executive of the air travel industry body Airlines UK, mentioned, “This is a victory for common sense. The PM has hit the nail on the head – people want a clear and consistent travel system that they can understand and that is workable.”

He pressed the government to go ahead and include more countries on the green list, freeing them from quarantine requirements.

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