UK: Self-catering holiday prices mount in pandemic

Self-catered accommodation in the UK is estimating on an average 40% more than in summer 2019, as shared by consumer group Which?

Self-catering holiday
Self-catering holiday

Its analysis highlights that holidaymakers are paying an average of £300 more per week in August before the pandemic.

Brighton is amongst the seaside resorts with spiralling prices, with average rental costs almost doubling up.

The data is from AirDNA, which screens websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

As per market research company Opinium, the holiday was planned by more than 20 million Britons in the UK this year. The typical cost of one night of self-catered lodging for two people in Brighton was £109 in 2019 but is now £206 – a rise of 89% – according to AirDNA’s data. For the time being, stays in St Helier in Jersey augmented by 76% in 2019, and Lyme Regis on the south coast jumped up 74%.


Catherine Lane, who rents out six properties in Brighton, shared with BBC Panorama that she put up some of her prices this year because her costs had risen significantly.

“Now we have to have cleaning and sanitation costs, which are much higher. We have to have time for the cleaners to disinfect the place,” she added.

She mentioned that prices increased to meet the high demand but added: “A lot of pricing we don’t have control over.” “If you’re booking by third-party advertising website, they’re putting commissions on the actual end price.”

Which? also viewed how significant the price variance can be between holidaying in the UK and travelling abroad – even when flights are considered.

Its research compared prices for late August getaways for two people in the UK and abroad, looking at the lowest, highly-rated hotel available in a central location, as well as conveyance costs.

For a coastal break, it established a week in Brighton for £1,131, while a hotel in Nice in the south of France, which included comprised flights, cost £1,085.

At other places, a week in Lake Windermere in England’s Lake District cost £2,424, compared to just £802 for flights and accommodation for a week in Lake Garda in northern Italy.

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