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Treatments to control blood sugar levels-Update Know More

Blood Sugar Levels

Are you searching for treatments to how to control blood sugar levels?

Now, in this time people are suffering from diabetic problems.

Blood Sugar level is also known as  Glycaemia, is the concentration of glucose in the blood of humans or other animals is measured as blood glucose level.

Everyone with type  1 diabetes and some  people with type 2 diabetes.  Blood sugar that is either too high or too low for an extended period of time can lead to a variety of serious conditions.

Effects of Blood Sugar Levels

Makes you Pee more-

Your kidneys must work overtime to process all of the extra sugar in your blood. When they are unable to keep up, your body eliminates it, along with water that your body requires.


Your body draws water from its own tissues to get rid of the extra sugar. Because you need that fluid to make energy, transfer nutrients, and eliminate waste, your brain flips a switch to tell you that you’re thirsty and should drink more.

Skin Issues

To get rid of excess blood sugar, your body draws water from all over. This can result in dry, itchy, cracked skin, particularly on your legs, elbows, feet, and hands. High glucose levels can also cause nerve damage over time.

 It can make it difficult to detect cuts, wounds, or infections. Without treatment, they can worsen and result in the loss of a toe, foot, or part of your leg.


When you have type 2 diabetes and your blood sugar levels are consistently high, you become less sensitive to insulin, which aids in the transport of energy to your cells. Tiredness can result from a lack of fuel. Type 1 diabetes can cause fatigue because your body cannot produce its own insulin. If you don’t treat it properly, your levels can remain elevated indefinitely.

If you have diabetes, insulin can help you lower your blood sugar when it rises. However, if you take too much, it may remove so much glucose that your body is unable to replace it quickly enough. That exhausts you. Other illnesses and drugs can also disrupt this cycle and deplete your tank.


When your blood sugar drops too low, your body releases hormones that cause you to sweat profusely. When your glucose levels drop too low, it’s usually one of the first things you notice. Your doctor can assist you in tracking your levels and attempting to keep them within a healthy range through medication, exercise, and eating habits.

How to treat your blood sugar level problem

Make Water your primary beverage

You have to avoid sugary beverages and stick yourself to water  as your first choice of beverage.

If you have type 1 diabetes  use an insulin pump instead of an insulin pen can be a good option. It may provide you with greater flexibility in managing your diabetes.

If you have type 2 diabetes you may require medication to help you control your blood sugar levels. The most common tablet is metformin, but there are numerous other options.

Written by Upasna Sharma

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