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Stepping Out of his shadow-Lulia Vantur (rumored Salman khan’s girlfriend) said these words


Lulia Vantur is a Romanian model-actress, a television presenter who is born on 24 July 1980 in Romania with Salman khan’s. She completed her graduation in law from the Faculty of the law of Romania, Since childhood, she was interested in acting and fond of theatre. At the age of 15, she started her career in modeling and at age of 17, she became a model instructor which was also a big achievement for her. She was awarded for “best model” in national fashion festivals. She was one of the famous news presenters in Romania and worked for 10 years for Pro TV.

In one of the interviews she said I worked hard and went through many various experiences where I come to know how to do everything, I learned how important team communication is. She was a reporter, an editor, a producer, a correspondent. On PRO TV, since the year 2006, she has been presenting the weekend morning news with their presentation partners Cristian Leonte, Cosmin Stan, and Catalin Radu Tanase.

After this, she was one of the co-presenter of the live entertainment marathon mega show- ‘Dancing with the stars’ which was the most-watched TV show on Romanian television. In the year 2008, she starred in an American movie-“Bunraku” directed by Guy Moshe. In the year 2013, she was appeared in ‘Las Fierbinti’, Romantic Comedy service, and in ‘La Bloc’, a Romantic TV series produced by MediaPro pictures and broadcast by PRO TV channel where she played the role of ‘ Lulia Vantur’.In the year 2014, she starred in an Indian film with co-stars-Pulkit Samrat and Sarah Jane Dias, movie was produced by Atul Agnihotri-‘ O Teri song Umbakkum’ which was released in March 2014.

She is also involved in various social activities, campaigns –supported More Green Association, a supporter of PRO TV news campaigns, Supporter of Paper Tree association. She was awarded for ‘The Best of ordinary People’ in the years 2006 & 2007, ‘The Sexiest TV star’ in the year 2010 & 2011, ‘The Best Entertainment show’ in the years 2008 & 2010.

If we talk about Lulia Vantur’s personal life it was in the news that she has in relationship with Indian actor Salman Khan and they are going to marry. They both met in the year 2011, during a trip to India and since then it was in the news that she was in a relationship with Salman Khan. But in one of the interviews, Salman’s father clarified the issue of marriage. He also said that neither Lulia nor any other actress with whom Salman fell in love because for him career was more important. As we all know because of Salman, she is getting work in the Bollywood industry. She also appeared in some music videos. It was in the news that Salman Khan gifted her a Range Rover Vogue and a flat in Pali Hill worth INR 15 crore.

Recently she get praise for hitting a record high in the music industry with the launch of the new song ‘Main Chala’ collaboration  with Guru Randhawa for the ‘Antim’ movie, stars Salman Khan and Pragya Jaswal, was released last Friday and got millions of views on Youtube. After releasing this track in one of the interviews Lulia Vantur said-“Want to be known by my name, not as related to some person”. It is an honor to work with the actor.

He is such a great person, a great actor, and experienced in the field. You can learn so much from him. I feel for me, at the moment, I wanted to work on my own identity. She said his input, his experience helps a lot, but in the end, you have to put extra to make a mark of your own for people to know you for your work, not as someone who is associated with another person. I think everyone wants that – to be respected for their work.

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