Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam(2022 Update): Learn More

Have you got any messages on WhatsApp on Father’s day? Have you received any SMS that tempts you to win the father’s day unique gift? Recently many people have received this kind of message in the United Kingdom. 

The message came from a company called “Screwfix”. After receiving the news, many people think it is a scam. For this reason, we need to find out the truth about the recent WhatsApp message done by the company. Now let us focus on the – Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam. 

What do you know about the scam? 

Many people received the message as a Father’s Day gift. The company “Screwfix” claimed that the buyers will receive the “DeWalt Combi” on the father’s day occasion. In the name of the Father’s Day event, the scammers sent the message for the free drill. 

Many receivers claimed that the message they received had an attached link. When the receivers open the link, it shows the many questions. It also asked for personal information. That is the reason the receivers of the message are asking about the matter.  

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Giveaway

  1. The attached links asked for personal information and requested to forward the message to the known person. 
  2. For this reason, many people have forwarded the message to their relatives and friends. 
  3. The message was spread all over the country. In the meanwhile, many receivers made contact with the company and asked about the news. 
  4. Meanwhile, the SerewFix Company has posted a publication on their “Twitter” accounts. The post clearly mentioned the message people received had no connection with the company. Now people got conscious of the website. 

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam

After the incident, we checked the link to the message. When we open the link, we find that the logo is the Screwfix logo. But when we searched adequately, we discovered that sometimes the link doesn’t work correctly. 

The link also doesn’t take you to the official website of Screwfix. We also searched the official website of Screwfix. But we don’t find any news that the company is offering special offers on father’s day. These are enough to prove that the message is a scam and has not related to the company’s Screwfix Scam

Why is the News Circulating? 

Millions of people received this message. And maximum people have forwarded the letter to large numbers of people. After it was detected as a scam, many people posted about the scam on social media platforms. Even the receivers also confirm with the company. These are fundamental reasons that the information is trending all over. 

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