Medical Cannabis Seeds how to store them safely (update 2022) : Check more

A seed that is consistently kept in the wrong environment won’t decay right away. If you are unsure about saving seeds, only purchase them when you can plant them.

Many gardeners appear to overlook the fact that your seeds are alive. Cannabis seeds can be damaged by poor storage, despite their relative durability.

Weed seeds are difficult to store for extended periods of time without harming them.

On the other hand, a lot of customers prefer a simple approach to conceal their seeds.

How should weed seeds be properly stored? We’ll look at a few possibilities. Proper nutrition can help plants grow bigger and yield more fruit. It’s challenging to keep weed seeds safely.

Be cautious to maintain seeds at the appropriate temperature

Given that it is cool and dark, you might want to think about using your refrigerator. Additionally, seeds require lower temperatures than a summertime bedroom may offer. Weed seeds are best stored in a phytosanitary environment between 6° and 8°C (42° and 46°F). You can store them successfully in warmer environments as well, but the seeds’ vitality will deteriorate more quickly.

Take Care To Keep Seeds At The Proper Temperature

Because it is cool and gloomy, you might want to take into account your refrigerator. Furthermore, a summer bedroom cannot give the chilly temperatures that seeds require. Weed seeds should be stored as hygienically as possible between 6° and 8°C (42° and 46°F). You can still successfully store them in a warmer environment, but the seeds’ viability may deteriorate more quickly.

Storage Place for short, medium and long duration

Short-term storage is the most straightforward option because it simply requires a tiny, dark space. Consequently, transparent plastic bags, shoe boxes, or furniture drawers can be adequate.

For medium-term storage, a dim location and an airtight plastic container or glass jar are advised. They may need to be chilled throughout this time.

As it becomes more complicated, long-term storage should ideally be vacuum sealed. It is feasible to freeze seeds, but take care not to unintentionally defrost them.

The ideal moisture level should be reached

It might be challenging to gauge how much humidity your seeds require. Weed seeds should be kept in a climate with a humidity of between 10 and 30 percent.

Without appropriate humidity, unprotected seeds may draw pests or even dry out. They can decompose or hazardous mould spores can grow if they sweat in their containers.

The excessive humidity will cause them to perish before they can grow. Once you’ve established the ideal moisture level, you may safely store them.

Maintaining moisture is the greatest technique to make sure your seeds germinate. It’s better not to sprout them all than to err on the side of excessive moisture.

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