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Although palmistry — the art of reading your hand to divine truths about your personality and fortune — is frequently dismissed as fantastical, there is a lot you can learn about your physical health by looking at your hands. Your hands, by extension, are a very revealing part of you, from the condition of your skin and nails to the actual lines in your palm. If you’re experiencing problems in your personal life or even physical health issues, checking your hands may help you find the source of the problem.

So, here we discuss some  signs of health related problems with the help of palm astrology-

Your lifeline has breaks or appears to be frayed

When it comes to checking your overall vitality and stamina, your lifeline is the single most important line on your hand. It is the curved line that runs parallel to your thumb through the middle of your palm. It does not predict how long you will live or when you will die, but it can reveal serious impediments in your physical and emotional health.

The clarity of your lifeline can be used to determine its line quality, or how well you can see it. It’s the deepest, strongest, and most visible line in your hand when it’s healthy.

Your palm lines have “chains”

This indicates that you have emotional issues that are causing a lot of problems in your life. It could, like stress lines, indicate that negative influences in your life are affecting your happiness and physicality. You might even be holding on to things because you don’t know how to let go, but they’re only causing you pain. Your hand lines can and will change as you grow and address your physical and mental health issues, and you’ll notice your hands indicating vitality, wellness, and health once more.

You have a lot of horizontal lines in your hands

Stress lines indicate a great deal of emotional turmoil and indicate that the person who has them is greatly influenced by their poor emotional state.If you have stress lines on your hands, consult with a therapist or other qualified professional to discuss ways to improve your mental health and overcome these stressful situations.

Fingernails are brittle and/or weak

The state of your fingernails and their overall health is an extremely telling indicator of your current vitality and wellness. Physical health issues frequently manifest themselves in the fingernails before they manifest elsewhere.

If your nails are brittle, cracking, peeling, or otherwise weak, you should consult with a doctor.

Color and whether or not you have “moons” on the base of your fingernails are also important factors in your nails.

Other colours that may appear in your nails and indicate health issues include:

Red: Indicates that you have high blood pressure.

White: Indicates that you have low blood pressure, circulation issues, low vitality, or nutritional deficiencies.

Blue: If your nails are blue at the base, you may have cardiovascular disease or poor circulation (you aren’t getting enough of it).

Yellow: This could indicate liver or gallbladder dysfunction. Yellow is frequently associated with jaundice, which indicates endocrine issues.

Brown: You may be suffering from nervous system weakness or nutritional deficiencies that need to be addressed.

Written by Upasna Sharma

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