July Pokemon Go Raids 2022: Berlin Pokemon Fest ( Update 2022) : Check More

The TCG Crossover Event is nearing its conclusion, but first, the month of July will usher in another wave of brand-new content for Pokémon GO. The following retro-themed format is already locked and loaded in GO Battle League. The highlight of the week is being held in Berlin, Germany, where the first regional GO Fest 2022 is being held. Check out the weekly preview to see what else will be happening in Pokémon GO during the week of June 27 to July 3, 2022.

Pikachu wearing a TCG hat in the spotlight

Fear it, avoid it, but Spotlight Hour with the newest hat-wearing Pikachu still shows up. Only Shiny hunters hoping to complete their collections with the alternate form of this costumed thunder mouse will likely be interested in the event.

Pikachu and its various variations are difficult to capture and bounce out of the Pokéball much too frequently, so any potential Stardust farmers are in for a miserable hour. However, the hour-long event does offer double the amount of Stardust for catching Pokémon as an added benefit.

Mewtwo and Psystrike during raid hour

Mewtwo will continue to be playable in the game as a fifth-level raid monster through July 1, 2022, so this will be the last Raid Hour featuring the Kanto Legendary for the time being. This time, you’ll receive a sample of a pocket monster that is certain to be familiar with the charge attack Psystrike. Mewtwo uses this assault as its hallmark move in the main games, making it one of the most terrifying Psychic attackers in the mobile game.

Kanto Cup and Ultra League in the GO Battle League

The Retro Cup from the eleventh season of the GO Battle League had delved deeply into the nostalgia box, but the Kanto Cup goes much further: in this constrained format, only Pokémon with a Pokédex ID between #1 and #151 are allowed to compete. Additionally, each participating monster is only allowed to have 1,500 competition points (CP). The Ultra League, which replaces the Great League, is running concurrently as an open format.

Berlin, GO Fest 2022

The first regional GO Fest of the year will be held at Britzer Garten in Berlin, the capital of Germany, from July 1 to 3. Subsequent regional editions will be held in Seattle, Washington, and Sapporo, Japan, in a few weeks. Tickets holders have access to a variety of exclusive special research stories and Pokémon encounters at the live event. Attendees, among others, will have access to Shaymin (Sky Forme) and the Ultrabeast Pheromosa. On the official website, you can find complete information about the event’s content and available tickets. Unfortunately, there will be no way for you to get anything from the event online.


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