Jane Pounds Obituary a brief history of Jane Pounds as well as her obituary ( 2022 Update): Know more

Jane Pounds

What do you know about the obituary of Jane Pounds? She is who?

What makes Jane Pounds so sought-after? Recently, a keyword based on Jane Pounds was entered into a search engine in the United States. Through this news article, we will share some crucial information with you today.

An overview of Jane Pounds’s obituary

In 2015, Jane Pounds, whose name was among the top search engine results, went to the Lord. She was residing with her devoted family, according to her life narrative. She was also surrounded by family members and employees of the “Hillcrest Baptist Church Rest Home” at the time of the obituary. Although she passed to paradise a few years back, her family members and church personnel still can’t comprehend it and visitation conducted on October 23,2015. She was a personality anybody could appreciate and love.

Obituary for Jane Pounds Jane Pounds’ Memoir

She was born in the United States on November 6, 1936, according to her personal biography. Her hometown was in Carolina’s southern region. She graduated from Spartanburg Junior College, a reputable university, in 1956. She retired from the “Rexham Corporation” in 1998, according to her life history.

Jane Nimmons Clark passed away, along with her parents, And La Salle Clark, her brother, and Robert Elliot Clark Jr.

Jane Pounds Obituary More

Her children Patty (Phillip Allen Pounds), Karen Clark Pounds, and her husband George Luther Pounds also survived her, according to her life history. She was a generous person, her family said. Her loss has left her family and friends in great sorrow. The visiting occurred on October 23, 2015, about 1 p.m., according to the official announcement. As noted in the preceding section, the visitation included members of the church personnel and their families.

According to Jane Pounds’ obituary, her family members appreciated the work of the Karan Helms and the staff at the Hillcrest Baptist Church Rest Home. The ‘Hospice personnel of Union County’ who helped Mrs. Pound were also thanked by Jane’s family.


No information in the mentioned list is ambiguous or misleading because it was gathered from reliable online sources. In conclusion, Jane Pounds passed away on October 20, 2015. Additionally, the church’s personnel and family members attended the funeral in 2015.

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