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Is Juneteenth a Bank Holiday in 2022: Is it a Bank Holiday this year update 2022: Check more


What should you know about Juneteenth 2022?

The date for Juneteenth 2022 is Monday, June 20.

It commemorates the day in 1865 when enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas, learned that they had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.

On June 19, 1865, Union troops told the remaining enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas, that according to the Emancipation Proclamation, all people who were still enslaved at the time should be freed.

Is Juneteeth a federal holiday?

It is a state holiday in New Jersey, and it is now a federal holiday, thanks to President Biden’s signature on bills passed by the House and Senate last year.

What is Juneteeth ?

Juneteenth is a combination of the words June and nineteenth; the holiday has also been referred to as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day.

Last year, President Joe Biden signed legislation making Juneteenth a new federal holiday in the United States to commemorate the abolition of slavery, with Juneteenth National Independence Day on June 19.

“This is a day of profound weight and profound power, a day on which we remember the moral stain, the terrible toll that slavery took and continues to take on the country,” Biden said.

Juneteenth, the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established in 1983, commemorates the day on June 19, 1865, when Union soldiers delivered the news of freedom to enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas — two months after the Confederacy surrendered and about two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the Southern states.

Are the banks open on June 19th?

In observance of Juneteenth, most banks will be closed on Monday, June 20th.

Are the stock exchanges open on June 19th?

In observance of Juneteenth, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq will be closed on Monday.

Is school open on June 19th?

On Monday, June 20, schools will be closed in observance of Juneteenth.

Is the government open on Juneteenth?

Non-essential federal, state, and local government offices will be closed on Monday to observe Juneteenth. According to the United States Office of Personnel Management, Juneteenth will always be observed on a Monday if it falls on a Sunday, or on a Friday if it falls on a Saturday.

On Juneteenth, are post offices closed? Is there mail service?

The United States Postal Service will be closed on Monday, June 20. The United States Postal Service will resume mail delivery on Tuesday, June 21.

According to MarketWatch, UPS will be closed on June 19 to observe Juneteenth and will resume delivery on Monday.

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