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How Can Person Fly while having Chemotherapy Update 2022 : Know More

While vacations are supposed to be relaxing, travelling is often a stressful experience. Even before you leave, your mind is filled with questions and concerns: What should I pack? Who will look after the kids, pets, plants, and so on? How early should I leave for the airport? What can I take through security?

The key to travelling with cancer, whether you or your travel companion, is to plan ahead of time and prepare for any special requirements. This includes speaking with your doctor about your medical condition(s) to determine whether it is safe for you to travel, including flying.

Talk to your Oncologist

Consult your healthcare provider about your travel plans to ensure they are appropriate during your treatment. Your healthcare provider can provide you with specific recommendations based on your medical condition and travel plans. Prepare to inform your healthcare provider about your travel plans. What kind of accommodations will you be staying in? Will you be able to obtain medical supplies, pharmacies, and medical treatment? All of this information is required for your healthcare provider to provide you with advice and determine whether travel is appropriate for you.

Your doctor may give you the go-ahead depending on your condition, but if your case is severe, you may be advised to wait until your treatment is finished or until your condition is more stable.

Medication Information and take extra medications with you

You should also request that your doctor write a summary of your medical/drug instructions, allergies, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Throughout your trip, keep this summary and other emergency information, such as emergency contact phone numbers, on hand. Also, if you need to take a medication at a specific time and are travelling across time zones, request a medication schedule from your doctor. It is critical to bring extra medications in case they are misplaced. When travelling, keep medications with you rather than in checked luggage, which may depart without you. Keep the phone numbers for your doctor and pharmacy handy. Carry a list of all medications you are taking, as well as any drug allergies you may have. Keep your identification cards for implanted ports or pumps with you at all times.

Make sure that Medications are Legal

If you have medications that are illegal in the country you’re visiting, make sure you have a note from your doctor explaining what the medication is and why you need it.

Pack Light Meals for Travel

A large number of people are undergoing chemotherapy. Even the smell of food can cause a person’s stomach to churn. Bring along your favourite snacks in case dining out proves difficult due to food odours.

Material to Bring with You

Carry any pertinent medical records that may aid another doctor in treating you if necessary. Make sure they are stored in an easily accessible location.

Bring plenty of sunscreen. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can make the skin more sensitive to sun damage, so it’s critical to always protect your skin. Reapply sunscreen frequently while in the sun, and cover your skin with loose, comfortable clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.

Written by Upasna Sharma

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