Haiti involved Americans and retired of Colombian military

Haiti President Jovenel Moise
Haiti President Jovenel Moise

The armed group who killed Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moise, were “professional killers” consisting of around 25 people, including two American citizens and retired members of the Colombian military, authorities have stated with Colombian military.

But as more details gather around the people who killed Moise early Wednesday morning, very less is known about the suspected masterminds and their motivation for the attack.

Haitian officials have given contradictory accounts and numbers for those killed following the assassination attack. Citing figures from Haitian police, the office of acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph shared with CNN that three suspects were killed in a shootout with authorities.

As the search of those responsible strengthens, details have emerged relating to the arrest of 11 armed men in the grounds of the Taiwan embassy in the capital Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou shared with CNN that the embassy called local police after security guards reported “a group of armed suspects” going inside embassy grounds. She said 11 suspects, stated in a separate foreign ministry statement as “mercenaries,” were arrested at 4 p.m. inside the embassy without confrontation and only a few doors and windows were damaged.

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry did not provide information about the nationalities of those arrested, and it is not yet clear if the 11 suspects are among the 17 people detained by police.

With high level of tension in the capital, crowds of people took to the streets Thursday night, burning cars and demanding justice. For weeks, Port-au-Prince has been witnessing violence which has claimed the lives of many citizens. Moise’s death has ceated a power vacuum and excavated the turmoil from the violence, a growing humanitarian crisis, and a worsening Covid-19 epidemic.

Much of the public anger has so far concentrated on the foreign nationals arrested in connection to the shooting. Late Thursday, Elections Minister Mathias Pierre shared with CNN that two American citizens were among the 17 people arrested. Pierre acknowledged the men as James Solages and Joseph Vincent, both naturalized citizens from Haiti.

On the other hand, on Thursday, Police Chief Charles said 15 of those detained were Colombian nationals. He showed some of the suspects at a press conference, alongside an array of military style weaponry.

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