Ever Given: Cargo dropped from ship that choked Suez Canal

The huge container ship that jammed the Suez Canal is being unloaded after it docked in the UK.

Cargo dropped from ship that choked Suez Canal
Cargo dropped from ship that choked Suez Canal

Suez Canal Ever Given arrived at Felixstowe, Suffolk, at 16:30 BST on Tuesday, its first UK visit since instigating disturbance to global shipping.

The Port of Felixstowe mentioned 2,000 containers were being unloaded by crane and the process is to take about 24 hours. It said that the 400m-long (1,300ft) container was due to leave at 02:00 on Thursday.

The ship, functioned by Taiwanese firm Evergreen Marine, was initially due to arrive at Felixstowe in early April. It jammed the major shipping lane in Egypt for almost a week in March.

Aa a result, hundreds of ships were deferred as they waited for the canal to be unclogged and some containers were forced to take the much longer route around the southern tip of Africa.

When the craft, which carries cargo between Asia and Europe, was lastly freed it was held up again until an agreement between Japanese owner, Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd, and canal authorities was reached over reimbursement.

Properties in the Ever Given’s 18,000 total containers have an estimated value of $775m, however many of them will hold fruit and vegetables which will have to be demolished, having passed their use-by date.

The majority of the containers were offloaded at Rotterdam preceding to its journey to Felixstowe.

Jake Slinn, owner of JS Global Cargo & Freight Disposal in Ipswich, held his business was expecting 20 to 30 containers from the ship.

In the approaching weeks his business will be hired either to abolish unwanted cargo – such as out-of-date food items – or manage abandoned cargo.

“At the moment we’ve not taken any items from the ship,” he said.

The Ever Given’s destination next to Felixstowe is Hamburg, Germany.


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