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Email Marketing 5 Reasons you should consider it for your business Update 2022 : Know More about it

email marketing

Is E-mail Marketing is very important for business?

Developing an effective email marketing strategy allows you to reach and connect with your target audience in a personalised manner, increasing sales at a low cost. Email marketing tools, like other platforms and media, enable your company to reach customers more easily than ever before.

So, let’s look at why email marketing is so important for your business.

Email is an excellent way to communicate with your customers

When you’ve built up a sizable email list, you can send messages with the click of a few buttons, with no costs other than what you pay your email marketing provider.

Real-time communication with customers

 Mobile devices were used to open 54% of all emails. This is significant and should be considered when developing any marketing strategy. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to access not only emails but also other forms of media and information. Furthermore, well-designed emails convert at a higher rate on mobile than any other medium.

Email is ideal for sending personalised, targeted messages

A marketer’s dream is to have a one-of-a-kind personalised value proposition for each and every potential customer. While marketing is still not quite there, email marketing comes pretty close.

To begin, you can segment your email lists based on whatever customer characteristics you believe are important to your business. For example, if you’re a sports brand, you can segment your customers based on their favourite sports.

This way, you can update your golf fans on your new golf equipment while not bothering the baseball fan who has only signed up for Major League Baseball news.

Second, while marketing has a reputation for being impersonal, email eliminates that worry.

Email strengthens relationships and establishes credibility

We’ve already discussed how email adds a level of personalization that other marketing channels lack.

Personalization, or understanding your audience, goes a long way toward developing relationships with your customers. Email allows you to proactively reach out to leads and clients to demonstrate your enthusiasm and interest. People will notice your enthusiasm.

When you combine personalization and proactiveness, you have the ingredients for strong relationships. However, if you use email to build credibility, you can use it to drive your marketing home and really capitalise on strong relationships.

Credibility is the authority and trust that people bestow upon you. That badge will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors and cluttered email inboxes. Building credibility for your brand through email is simple. All you have to do is keep your communication honest and authentic while demonstrating your domain expertise.

Email marketing is easy to measure

Most email marketing tools allow you to track what happens after you send your email campaign. Delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click through rates, and open rates can all be tracked. This gives you a better understanding of how your email campaigns are performing, which ones need to be tweaked, and which ones should be eliminated entirely. These indicators should not be overlooked. They are an essential component of your overall internet marketing campaign. While various studies and surveys present “optimal” numbers to strive for, it all depends on your industry and target audience. If your customers want and expect daily emails, you should provide them.

Written by Upasna Sharma

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