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Covid Treatment-antibody therapy sanctioned in the UK

A new Covid treatment – that utilizes a pair of laboratory-made antibodies to attack the virus – has been permitted for use in the UK.

Covid-antibody therapy
Covid-antibody therapy

The regulator mentioned that the drug Ronapreve had been shown to avert infection and diminish the need for hospital for Covid Treatment.

It was notably used as part of the suite of experimental medicines given to US President Donald Trump last year.

Nonetheless, it is costly and likely to be earmarked for those at the most significant risks of becoming severely ill.

The antibody therapy attacks the virus, contrasting other Covid treatments such as the steroid dexamethasone that calm the body’s overcharged immune system. There had been concern that the idea was not good after trials failed when antibodies were taken from patients who had recovered from Covid.

However, the companies Regeneron and Roche tested monoclonal antibodies in the laboratory to discover the two best able to stick to the virus. This has proved far more operative, and the therapy continues to work against new variants.

The antibodies attach to the spike protein – the component the virus uses to attack our body’s cells – on the surface of the coronavirus. It stops them from spreading onto other cells to replicate and gives the body’s immune system more time to mount a response to the virus.

From the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Dr Samantha Atkinson mentioned, “We are satisfied that this treatment is safe and effective.”

It is likely to be used by the NHS soon. But, the drug is expensive, and Covid-19 is still common, so it is not sure who will get it.

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