Covid Restriction: Self-isolation finishes for double-jabbed and under-18s

People in England and Northern Ireland who have got two Covid vaccine doses will no longer need to isolate if they are contacted with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

Self-isolation finishs for double-jabbed
Self-isolation finishs for double-jabbed

Rather than quarantining for ten days, They are now advised to Covid Restriction take a PCR test – however, this is not compulsory. Another advice is to wear a face-covering in enclosed spaces and limit contact with others, especially the clinically vulnerable.

The guidance is related to under-18s too.

The alterations to self-isolation rules have already been applied in Scotland and Wales. The new rules in England and Northern Ireland are likely to significantly decrease the number of people forced to stay at home. In July, the number of self-isolation alerts shown in England and Wales in a week was near 700,000. Industries, comprising car manufacturers and food distributors, grumbled at the time that the number of staff isolating because of pings was disturbing their businesses. That led the government to permit some key workers – such as those working in food distribution – to be excused from self-isolating if pinged and taking daily tests instead.

The sensitivity of the NHS Covid-19 app in England and Wales was also twisted to ensure fewer people were suggested to quarantine. Health Secretary Sajid Javid shared Monday’s changes to self-isolation guidance were a cautious “step back towards normality”.

“Vaccines are what will bring this pandemic to an end, with over 84,000 lives already saved and 23 million infections prevented,” he stated.

In England, the new rules apply to those who had their second dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before getting in touch with a positive case.

People who are pinged will now be asked to undergo a free PCR test but will not need to self-isolate while waiting for the result. As double-jabbed people recognised as close contacts are still at risk of being infected, people are asked to consider other precautions like wearing a face-covering in enclosed spaces and restricting contact with other people, especially with anyone who is clinically vulnerable.

Those who test positive, or start to show symptoms, will still be lawfully required to self-isolate for ten days. Similar rules apply in Northern Ireland. However, those affected must take two PCR tests – on days two and eight after being known as close contacts.


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