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Covid infections shield fading in double jabbed

Researchers share that they are witnessing some fading of protection against Covid infections in double-jabbed people.

Covid infection
Covid infection

The real-world study comprises data on positive Covid Infections PCR test results between May and July 2021 amongst more than a million people who had got two doses of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine. Protection after two shots of Pfizer reduced from 88% at one month to 74% at five to six months. For AstraZeneca, the decline was from 77% to 67% at four to five months.

Waning protection is to be expected, mention experts. While some breakthrough infections may be happening, vaccines are still doing an excellent job protecting people against severe Covid illness and deaths. Public Health England assesses that around 84,600 deaths and 23 million infections have been averted due to the Covid-19 vaccination programme in England so far.

The lead investigator on the Zoe Covid Study app behind the research, Prof Tim Spector, stated that the findings could describe recent breakthrough infections that some fully vaccinated people have reported.

He mentioned: “Waning protection is to be expected and is not a reason to not get vaccinated. Vaccines still provide high levels of protection for the majority of the population, especially against the Delta variant, so we still need as many people as possible to get fully vaccinated.”

Prof Spector estimates that protection against infection could dip to 50% by the winter, and boosters will be required. Still, other experts insist caution about making predictions for the months ahead.

The UK is likely to start offering some people a third Covid booster jab next month. Still, it is awaiting recommendations from an independent advisory body called the JCVI, which considers the evidence to support a decision.


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