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Bollywood Couples engaged but never get married

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Wedding is most amazing thing in life.Marriage more than just a union of two people; it is also a union of two families. It’s really difficult to stop a relationship after you’ve been engaged. Celebrities aren’t all that special. They were likewise distraught after their engagement was called off.From Abhishek Bachchan-Karishma Kapoor , Salman Khan-Sangeeta ,Kumar Gaurav-Reema Kapoor, RakhiSawant-Elesh,Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel celebrity couples  who got engaged  but never hitched. In the middle of an ordinary life, God gives  you a fairytale. Celebrities  are humans  as well  and go through  a dozen emotional hardships  in their relationships. Here, we took a look  at bollywood couples  who  got engaged  but never got married.

Salman Khan-Sangeeta Bijlani

Salman Khan is one of the most eligible bachelors we have in Bollywood. However, there was a time when the star had come very close to getting married. Salman, who was dating Sangeeta Bijlani in his younger days, had decided to take the plunge. Dates were finalised and invitation cards were printed, the couple called off their engagement.Actress got a hint  of Salman  cheating  on her  with  actress Somy Ali and called off her wedding.  Sangeeta eventually got married to cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin. They too parted ways in 2010. Salman confessed  on the talk show  Koffee with Karan  that Sangeeta had indeed caught  him cheating on her.  Today, both Salman and Sangeeta are on good terms with each other.

Abhishek Bachchan-Karishma Kapoor

Abhishek Bachchan and Karishma Kapoor, who shared the screen space in ‘Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya’ . They  dated for almost five years. They surprised everyone after they announced their engagement on Amitabh Bachchan’s 60th birthday. But after four months of their engagement couple  splited  due to misunderstandings  between their mothers. Karishma was a well-established actor, while Abhishek was struggling to find his footing. In order to secure her daughter’s future, Babita had apparently wanted financial security post-marriage by drawing a prenuptial agreement. Jaya wasn’t too happy with any of it and the duo called off their engagement immediately.

Raveena Tandon-Akshay Kumar

Raveen Tandon and Akshay Kumar are the two brightest actors and most loved on-screen and off-screen couples of 90’s,. Akshay and Raveena dated nearly for three years and gave many superhits together.Both began  dating after  seeing  the film ‘Mohra’. In an interview, Raveena revealed that they both secretly got engaged at a temple, but kept quiet because Akshay was afraid it would harm his acting career. However, she heard rumours of his link-ups with another actor and called off the engagement. Later on Akshay Kumar married with Twinkle Khanna and couple have two kids- Aarav and Nitara.Raveena tandon, on the other hand married to Anil Thandani in year 2004 and couple have kids-Rasha and Ranvir.

Kumar Gaurav-Reema Kapoor

Kumar Gaurav is son of Rajendra Kumar. Kumar Gaurav  and Reema Kapoor got engaged but later they called off their engagement. It was in news that Kumar Gaurav already engaged to co-star Vijayata had started appearing in the media after the release of his hit film, Love Story. As a result, Kumar Gaurav and Reema Kapoor’s engagement was called off. After dating for 2 years  Kumar Gaurav was married to Namrata Dutt, daughter of Sunil Dutt and Nargis and sister of Sanjay Dutt. Couple have 2 daughters – Siya Kumar, Saachi Kumar.

Mehak Chahal-Ashmit Patel

Actress Mehak Chahal and actor Ashmit Patel got engaged in year 2017. Couple was prepared and planning for wedding  and living together. Both in a relation for 5 years and getting engaged. In an interview Mehak revealed that’ She was not responsible for breakup.”Not at all”. She admitted that  he was not  the right person  for her. When you start living  together  and spending  more time with a particular  person , you get to know  the real him/her’.

Charu Sopa-Neeraj Malviya

‘Mere Angne Mein’ co-actors Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya met on the sets. Both played  the role of siblings  in the show. But in real life they fall in love with each other and  they started dating each other. Charu and Neeraj got engaged  in 2016 and were to get married in the same year, but destiny had some other plans and the couple broke-up. In one of the interviews, Charu had stated, “I thought that the show has helped me reunite with my lost love, but now, I am sure that there is no future to our relationship.”While talking to Bombay Times Charu revealed that she tried to run away from reality post the break-up and was on anti-anxiety pills as well. Charu said, “Shaadi ki planning mein oopar-neeche hota hai”. I feel that we could have been a bit patient and worked on our issues. While he was certain that it had ended, I kept hoping for things to work out. I even told everyone that the marriage would happen, but it wasn’t destined. Besides, I feel that he developed cold feet at the last minute and wanted to focus on his career. Now after sometime Charu was in relationship with Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen.Both married in year 2019 and couple has one daughter.

Gauhar Khan-Sajid Khan

Actress Gauhar Khan had relationship with choreographer and director Sajid Khan. Both engaged in year 2003, the affair was  kept hidden  for long period of time. Talking to the same media, Sajid Khan, without naming Gauhar, had said that ‘in 2003, he was engaged to a girl who is now a popular name. He said that I was not a bad person nor did I cheat her. I think she got bored with me’.In year 2020 Gauhar Khan  was married to actor and son  of music director  Ismail Darbar, Zaid Darbar.

Vivek Oberoi-Gurpreet Gill

Actor Vivek Oberoi and supermodel Gurpreet Gill were  in love. Both of them were quite excited to marry, but their engagement was unfortunately called off. According to reports, Vivek’s success made him arrogant, and he changed his mind.Eventually led the  two to walk  on their separate paths. Later, Vivek  went on  date Aishwarya Rai  during the movie  Kyun! Ho Gaya Na. But the relationship not go so long and ended.

Romit Raj-Shilpa Shinde

 Actor Romit Raj and Big Boss-11 winner actress Shilpa Shinde met on the sets of T V show ‘Maayka’. Both engaged  in year 2009  and were planning to get married. But in a shocking turn of events, they called off their wedding at the last moment. Nearly after seven years, Shilpa opened up about her break up in an interview saying, “I don’t want to dig up the past. But all I will say is that it is wrong for a man to expect his wife to break ties with her parents.” Shilpa and Romit had different mindsets, according to her mother, and their families were also diverse. It was extremely difficult for them to manage long-term relationships and make adjustments to their decisions.

Neil Nitin Mukesh-Priyanka Bhatia

Neil Nitin Mukesh and his girlfriend  designer Priyanka Bhatia was engaged but very soon they split their relation. In an interview Neil Nitin  said,”I really don’t want to discuss it but since you’re asking me, I won’t lie. It is true that Priyanka and I are no longer a couple. The parting was by mutual consent and very amicable. We’re still friends and always will be.”Neil wanted to solely focus on his career at that point in time and therefore parted ways with Priyanka.

Rakhi Sawant-Elesh Parujanwala

Rakhi Sawant is called a controversy queen. After 8 years  she had introduced a new reality show-Rakhi Ka Swayamvar where she was hunting for some good proposal among 16 contestants. On final episode she choosed Elesh Parujanwala , canadian businessman. Both engaged on the T V show  but their relationship didn’t turn into marriage. While Rakhi said it was their different mindset that led to the break-up, Elesh claimed that she used him to give a boost to her career.

Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel

Actress Karishma Tanna  and actor Upen Patel appeared in various reality shows as a couple -Nach Baliye  and Big Boss. Both actors met at the Bigg Boss house, and fell head-over-heels in love. During their stint on Nach Baliye, Patel proposed to Tanna, and their love story seemed to be moving forward without any glitches.However, very soon  they  called off their  engagement. Then came the news of their break-up, and audiences couldn’t understand why one of the hottest TV couples would break up at all. Karishma revealed that “Sometimes there is no answer to what went wrong. Sometimes two wonderful people or good souls are not meant be together. That’s what happened to us. He (Upen) is a wonderful soul. We connected very strongly, but things didn’t move the way we wanted it to. It’s not that I don’t want to settle down or I am jumping from one relationship to another. We both wanted to settle down, but if we don’t see our future together than it’s better to part ways.” Currently On 5 Feb, 2022 Karishma Tanna-Varun Bangera tied the knot.


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