Boating Accident James River what happened to boating accident James river (Update 2022) : Learn More

Do you know about the most recent boating mishap on the James River? A girl, age 17, lost her life in the collision. The girl’s name is Julia Budzinski, according to sources. Julia was the child of renowned educator Mark Budzinsky. Many Americans were shocked by these decisions.

What happened to James River ?

On July 2, 2022, this occurred (Saturday). Two bodies were taken from the river, per a review by the Virginia Department of Wildlife. The surface was covered in floating bodies. Rescuers located the bodies and retrieved them from the sea. It was too late, though.

The two children plunged into the water. The accident’s circumstances are unknown to police. A double pipe was also found by the police. Still seeking for ads is the investigating team.

Numerous factors that have an impact on young people have been uncovered by the research team. There were hints and suggestions that the rower had stopped the boat at which time steam entered the James River as a result of the tide.

The body of a seventeen-year-old girl has been recovered by local police. They were taken to the closest hospital by rescuers. The medical crew discovered the two young guys dead, nevertheless, after conducting an inquiry. The investigation team also looked into the young lady who perished in the collision.

James River Boating Accident: Recent Information

According to the source, the 17-year-old girl is Mark Budzinski’s daughter, a well-known coach. The famed Toronto Blue Jays squad is coached by Mark. Julia attended Glen Allen High School as well. The incident between Julie’s family and Mark Budzinski, Julie’s father, has already been reported to the local police.

Mark and his family were stunned to learn the news. Mark has chosen to discontinue coaching at this time due to this. Mark chose to spend the day with his family after already informing the Toronto Blue Jays team management about the boating accident on the James River.

Why is the news getting around?

This alarming revelation surprises a lot of people. Many Toronto Blue Jays supporters sent Julia’s family their sympathy. Numerous publications and media outlets covered this story. Additionally, a number of internet news outlets offered their opinions on Mark Budzinsky’s recent choice in light of his daughter’s tragic passing.


Last but not least, the police are still looking into what occurred on the boat. The investigating team is also searching for hints and interviewing other witnesses in relation to the James River boat crash.

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