Biden secures ‘messy’ US withdrawal from Afghanistan

President Joe Biden said that he stands “squarely” behind the US exit from Afghanistan as he witnesses withering criticism over the Taliban’s sudden conquest of the war-torn country.

Biden secures
Biden secures 'messy' US withdrawal from Afghanistan

“How many more American lives is it worth?” questioned the Democratic president say for Afghanistan.

He said that even though the pullout was “messy”, “there was never a good time to withdraw US forces”.

On Sunday, the Taliban announced victory over Afghan after President Ashraf Ghani escaped and his government collapsed. The militants’ return to rule brings closure to almost 20 years of a US-led coalition’s existence in the country.

Kabul was the last main city in Afghanistan to fall to a Taliban attack that began months ago but augmented in recent days as they gained territories.

It has been a stagy day at Kabul’s international airport, where hundreds of civilians anxious to flee the country forced their way inside on Monday. Many jammed the runway, running beside a moving military transporter aircraft as it prepared for take-off. Some clung to the side of the plane. At least two of them are said to have perished when they fell from the aircraft after taking off.

American troops shot two armed Afghans who were part of the crowd that broke the airport perimeter.

In a separate development, the Taliban have proclaimed what they call a general amnesty for government officials and have insisted on returning to work.

A statement stated officials should “continue their duties without any fear”.

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