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Actresses easily targeted and facing body-shaming for weight gain, Kajal Aggarwal receives Body-shaming Messages

kajal aggarwal slams body-shaming
kajal aggarwal slams body-shaming

Working in an industry that is largely governed by a certain perception of beauty and body size, actresses often face online trolling and criticism when they do not conform to the expected norm. Although social media has shone a bright light on the issue in recent years, celebrity body-shaming is nothing new. Pregnancy rumors, comments about weight gain, and bullying for clothing choices all fall under the tasteless domain of all that encompasses body-shaming — and it happens even more often than you may think. But that doesn’t stop most of these stars from living their best lives and even taking some time to teach these trolls a lesson or two when they’re in the right mood for it

Kajal Aggarwal, who is expecting her first child with her husband Gautam Kitchlu, is currently holidaying in Dubai. The actress has been sharing some stunning pictures of herself from her exotic vacation. Kajal shared her new photos and revealed that she gets body-shaming messages and memes. She started her note by writing, “I’ve been dealing with the most amazing new developments in my life, my body, my home and most importantly my work place. Additionally, certain comments/ body shaming messages/ memes don’t really help 🙂 let’s learn to be kind and if that’s too hard, maybe, just live and let live!” She then shared her thoughts on those who are going through similar situations and added, “Here are a few of my thoughts for all those who are going through similar life situations and need to read this and most definitely the self-absorbed morons who just don’t seem to understand.

During pregnancy, our bodies go through several changes, including weight gain!! Hormonal changes cause our stomach and breasts to get larger as the baby grows and our body prepares for nursing. Some might develop stretch marks where our body gets larger. Sometimes our skin will break out with acne. We may also be much more tired than usual and have mood swings more often. A negative mood may make us more likely to have unhealthy or negative thoughts about our bodies.”

She added “Also, after giving birth, we may take a while to get back to the way we were before, or may never completely return to the way we looked before pregnancy. And THATS OK.” She stated that these changes are natural, and pregnant women “don’t need to feel abnormal, don’t need to fit in a box or a stereotype and don’t need to be made uncomfortable or pressurised during the most beautiful, miraculous, and precious phase of life”. “We must remember that the whole process of birthing a little infant, is a celebration that we are privileged to experience.

Below are some points that I regularly practice that helps me cope with my undefined feelings. Hope this post helps those in this wonderful phase, along with me. Sending you all my love,” concluded Kajal.

In the film industry, many actors have faced trolling and body shaming for gaining weight, including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who is one of the most beautiful women in the world and Bollywood’s most talented actress, has also been subject of criticism and prejudice, after giving birth to her daughter Aaradhaya in the year 2011, she also faced body-shamed messages for her post-pregnancy weight gain, the actress made her Cannes red carpet appearance where she was trolled for weight gain by people online. In an interview she said, people think that if you look a certain way, you would not be judged. But, believe me, irrespective of how you look, everybody faces judgment for something or the other. The actress further said she never had a moment of self-doubt and is happy in her own life with Aaradhaya around. She has positivity as well as clarity about herself and at the end of the day, she will make the choices for herself.

Actress Rupali Ganguly, who has returned to the small screen after seven years from acting with Anupama, shared her experience with body shaming after giving birth to her son Rudransh. She said she was judged by elderly women in her neighborhood. The actress said, “From 58 kilos when I delivered Rudransh, I went up to 86 kilos. When I would take my child out for a walk, certain neighboring aunties that I didn’t even know… ‘Arre, tum toh Monisha ho, kitni moti ho gayi ho (You are the actor who plays Monisha, right? You have gained so much weight).’ Who gives anybody a right to judge a mother? Nobody knows the kind of issues that a woman is going through.”

Actress Mahhi Vij also had a similar experience with body-shaming. Mahhi was trolled for her post-pregnancy weight gain on Instagram. However, she had given a fitting reply to trolls, “Was your mom thin after delivering you?” She had further written, “Gaali bhi dete hain, aur follow bhi karte hain. Fake accounts with no followers.” The actress had also said that her priority is feeding her baby. Talking to the Instagram story, she had written, “To all the idiots who are worried about my weight. My priority is feeding my baby not MY FIGURE.”

Diya aur Baati hum actress Deepika Singh who also mercilessly trolled on social media. The actress said “ After giving birth to my son Soham I was 73 Kgs and I had randomly shared a picture of mine without thinking much and it was my birthday, they started writing nasty stuff about me. They did not even think twice that it was my birthday. They started saying ‘ you are such a big actress, ‘you should have waited’, ‘now you would not get any role’, ’nobody will take her in a lead role’, ‘look at her how bad she is looking’. Deepika said ‘ It did not matter, if I did not sleep in the night, I regularly went to the gym. I took screenshots of all those comments and kept them as wallpaper on my phone. Whenever I felt lazy these nasty comments helped me to hit the gym.

Kareena Kapoor too was trolled on social media for her ‘fat’ legs, just nine months after Taimur’s birth, after sister Karisma Kapoor posted a photo with her on social media.

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