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5 Vegan Father’s Day Recipes to try Update 2022 : Check More

Vegan Recipes

Are you or your dad are Vegan? So no need to worry here we share the list of some Vegan Recipes  that are delicious, tempting  and easy to prepare.

 If you love to prepare some  healthiest food on Father’s Day special. Here are some ultimate  Vegan recipes that I think  any dad  would love  to eat.

 Hybrid Coffee Milkshake

Begin Father’s Day with this unique Coffee Milkshake! Coffee, almond butter, oats, dates, and frozen bananas are used in this recipe. Enjoy it for breakfast or a snack to keep your dad’s full of energy for their special day!

Protien Pancakes

For a heartier and healthier pancake recipe, combine oats, protein powder, and banana. Peanut butter and homemade raspberry chia jam on top.

Baked Potatoes  with Spinach, Mushrooms  and Gravy

Make these ultra-luxurious, comforting, and cosy Baked Potatoes with Spinach and Mushrooms. Drizzled with vegan gravy Perfect as a main course or as a decadent side dish.

Creamy Broccoli Vegan Pasta

This luscious creamy vegan pasta will outperform any traditional mac and cheese. Instead of dairy, the smooth, tangy sauce is made of protein-rich white beans, nutritional yeast, and lemon juice.

Vegan Pizza

This simple vegan pizza recipe may be my all-time favourite! I top chewy homemade pizza dough with a lemony cashew cream sauce, a smorgasbord of savoury, spicy, crisp, and juicy veggies, and generous amounts of fresh basil.

Chipotle Cauliflower Nachos

It’s a tangy, smoky combination of cauliflower, potatoes, and adobo chipotles. When you combine tortilla chips, pineapple salsa, pico de gallo, and black beans, you have nacho heaven.

Sesame Soba Noodles

These super fresh soba noodles are ideal for a quick lunch. I like this version with watermelon radishes and snap peas, but the light, tangy sesame dressing goes well with any vegetable. Feel free to substitute seasonal favourites!

Mushroom Cream Soup

This homemade cream of mushroom soup is far too delicious to be hidden inside a casserole! Its super creamy texture comes from blended cauliflower rather than nuts or dairy.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

There’s something briny, something bright, something nutty, and something fresh in this salad. It’s a recipe you’ll love whether you pack it for lunch or serve it as a dinner side dish.

Mashed Potatoes

Purists of mashed potatoes will fall in love with these fluffy, light vegan mashed potatoes! Roasted garlic adds a rich, nutty flavour, and a generous drizzle of olive oil gives them a crave-worthy creamy texture.

Vegan Kale Pesto Pasta

To make this simple kale pesto, combine kale, pumpkin seeds, basil, and garlic in a food processor. It goes well with wholemeal spaghetti for a nutritious vegan meal.

Coconut Mango Curry with Chickpeas and Vegetables

This creamy sweet tangy coconut mango curry with chickpeas and vegetables has a quick blender sauce that is easily customizable. It’s even vegetarian!

Written by Upasna Sharma

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