5 small changes you can bring to your packaging for a bigger impact (2022 Update): Know more

5 small changes you can bring to your packaging for a bigger impact (2022 Update): Know more

Even minor adjustments to your custom packaging may not seem like much, they can have a great effect on your company. Here are 5 simple adjustments you can make to your packaging designs.

Since custom packaging has become more popular, buyers are frequently astounded by the unique and imaginative packaging designs. Brands tend to establish a cadence of ordering their boxes on a regular basis, and they typically stick with designs that have been tried, tested, and proven to be popular with their target audience. Consistency in your box designs and packaging procedures is a good idea. They assist in maintaining brand identification, and your clients always know what to expect when placing an order.

Here is a list of 5 small adjustments you can make to the layout, packaging, handling, and disposal of your custom boxes that will have a significant impact on the entire look and feel of your brand and packaging.

Don’t use as many void fillers

It is best to maintain compact packaging and to limit the usage of void fillers. Packaging supplies like bubble wrap and foam pellets are void fillers. Not only do these raise the price of your packaging, but they also considerably raise the amount of garbage that is produced.

Utilizing unique box inserts would be a superior substitute. These inserts make sure that your product is protected during shipping and that the contents of the box make it to your customers undamaged.

Make the package unique

Consider adding a personalised thank-you letter or message for your customers if you choose custom-designed boxes. This seemingly insignificant adjustment has a huge impact since it gives your customers a sense of ownership over your brand. This tiny message adds a human touch to a transaction that would otherwise be entirely electronic. It raises brand loyalty and, as a result, the customer’s lifetime value. This form of word-of-mouth advertising can eventually work to your brand’s advantage.

Choose box kinds with a variety of functions

Make sure your packaging is designed to meet these specifications if your boxes will be exhibited in retail locations or if you want customers to use your products without having to relocate them into another box or container. Making the lives of your customers easier only enhances the value of your brand and encourages repeat business.

Be imaginative when using stickers

It can be highly expensive to change your packaging design each time you have a sale or during a special occasion. Additionally, the time-consuming back and forth with your suppliers and design team to finalise your new ideas. Choosing custom printed stickers would be a simpler way to update your designs. Stickers can improve your branding without significantly altering the look of your packaging.

Inform your clients about your environmental efforts

Inform your clients of your environmental initiatives and offer them advice on how to dispose of packaging in a safe and responsible manner. This demonstrates to them your dedication to preserving the environment and informs them of the finest practises.

These minor adjustments can have a significant impact on how buyers view your package. Even if they might not seem like much, they add value to your brand, serve as a springboard for improved impressions, and raise the total worth of your business and its offerings.


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