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The World's Greatest F1 Cars  (2001) An impressive visual encyclopedia, The World's Greatest F1 Cars covers the first 50 years of Formula One racing. The DVD begins with the stories of the Bugatti T51 and the Delage GP, which were basically stripped-down sports cars. Grand Prix aficionados will be thrilled with the detailed footage and narration on 103 cars ranging from early models like the Alfa Romeo 158, in which Giuseppe "Nino" Farina roared to the first F1 world title, to the Lotus 72 Ford (1970), which was the first car to try to achieve better aerodynamic downforce through body design, to the modern Ferrari 1996-2000. The DVD can be watched as a whole or can be broken down car by car. Also included is a "Classic F1 Experience" in which you race along via a camera mounted above the driver's helmet. The World's Greatest F1 Cars is an amazingly thorough ride through F1 history. DVD


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