Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren by CUT48

---- Specifications ----
Price -- Production --
Engine V8 Weight --
Aspiration supercharger Torque 656 lb-ft
HP over 722 hp HP/Weight --
HP/Liter -- 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed 214 mph (electronically limited)

(from Jordi Miranda Press Release) WRAPPING FOIL instead of PAINT COATING – SLR with 722 hp, completely foiled

The diversity in the wrapping foil market follows the boom of time and is not quite clear. There one can easily get a no-name foil especially while self-assembly. And when there is a possibility that the final result could be quite far from your expectations, it’s time to apply to a specialist. Therefore, it’s preferable to consult a specialist at first.

From the very beginning, the company CUT48 was famous for handwork car wrapping foil due to its excellent quality and precision. This refers to the choice of foil, design and tastefully coordinated colors and also to the sense of aesthetics and perfectly precise handwork. CUT48 consumers felt this care beforehand. Its goal was to individualize the car in such a way that it would become something unique. Every day handmade masterpieces appear in the main quarters of the company in Münster. The masterpieces were created in such a way to realize the consumers’ personal preferences. So, the complete car has an original silver exterior paint coating and it is packed in blue and black gloss wrapping foil (4.350 Euro).

This time specialists of the company CUT48 have created an exceptional sweetheart, called McLaren SLR, which has just arrived from the assembly line with all imaginable features. After the power upgrade at EDO competition, the SLR has over 722 hp at maximal torque of 890 Nm. This power is reached due to quite a bunch of measures such as installed electronic tuning of the ECU, sport air filters and new sport catalytic converters, modified compressor work, new exhaust manifold and modified intake system. The whole work was monitored on the test stand. The 200 km/h speed limit is reached in less than 10 seconds respectively. Maximal speed is electronically limited at 345 km/h. Stainless steel sport exhaust system cares for the super sound. This is a pure sound enjoyment.

Photos by: Jordi Miranda

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