2016 Toyota Prius G

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While the Prius has been the world's best selling hybrid car for a number of years now, it has never been thought of as a performance car. The goal of the Toyota Prius G was to demonstrate the performance potential of the Prius platform.

The focus of builder Goron Ting from Beyond Marketing was to beef up handling to sports car levels. They managed to create a car that can pull .99 g skid pad, a very respectable number for the 4 door sedan. By comparison, the Mustang GT is a fine performer in its own right, but pulls only .94 g on the skid pad. In an independent test, they found that the Prius G could out handle the BMW 528i Sedan.

The stock fourth generation 2017 Prius has a stiffer chassis, lower coefficent of gravity, and better handling than its predecessors. The work by Ting's team may continue to prove the performance characteristics of the Prius going forward.

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