2016 MWDesign x Brixton Forged Ferrari 458 Speciale

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This Ferrari 458 Speciale is finished in Grigio Alloy color paint with a NART stripe running down the center from MWDesign.

Brixton Forged provided a unique wheel in smoked brushed aluminum with a satin and high gloss finish. The Brixton wheels are 21" in front, 22" in the rear.

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(from MWDesign Technik Press Release) MWDesign x Brixton Forged 1 of 1 Wheels for Ferrari Speciale

At MWDesign Technik, we go the extra mile for our most discerning clients. Our client ordered a very unique Ferrari 458 Speciale in a rare combination of Grigio Alloy with a contrasting NART stripe. The NART stripe was a focal point of this build. It is a historic stripe design which was also specified to run through the center seat panels of the subtlely designed interior.

When no off the shelf wheel would do, we called up our friends at Brixton Forged to design a 1/1 style. The inspiration began with a mesh centre, reminiscent of the 458 Challenge race wheel. The key with the wheel was to embody the Ferrari racing heritage and enhance the look of the Speciale, without detracting from the classiness of the factory design. With the wheel design, we ensured the spokes did not look too sharp or angular and maintained a softer radius on the edges.

Lightweight pocketed spokes retained a Ferrari-esque factory feel in terms of spoke weight and thickness. Instead of exposed assembly hardware, we decided to hide it all on the reverse, out of sight. We opted for a race inspired step lip configuration in a 21/22" setup which were finished in a classy yet sporting 1 stage / 2 stage smoked brushed aluminum in a contrasting satin and high gloss finish.

The final design details were to mill the wheels to fit factory Ti wheel bolts, OE Ferrari centercap and a to feature a hand-painted NART blue and white stripe around the centercap to tie the entire Speciale theme together without being ostentatious.

Design + Project Management - MWDesign

Wheel Manufacturing - Brixton Forged

Photography - The Glass Eye