2015 Mac Audio Mini Clubman S

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German sound company Mac Audio has created this special showcar using 8 major audio components aimed at high fidelity.

The system utilizes 3 computerized power amps with digital sound processor and Mac Audio Reference 2.1 DSP feeding into the subwoofer, as well as the front & rear speaker systems. There are 4 Mac Audio Star X 2.16 loudspeakers, with 2 in the front & 2 in the rear. Deep frequencies are handled by a pair of Mac Audio STX 12 Reference subwoofers. The system is controlled by the Audiovox VXE 72020 NAV head unit, and the music originates from another Audiovox module or the iPod Nano incoporated into the speedometer.

The car itself wears a John Cooper Works body kit, in a matte white paint job with graphics and lettering, while 18" inch Oxigin rim ride Yokohama 215/35 tires. The engine has been modified by Wimmer, with new intake and exhaust, and updated electronics. The result is 230 hp from the turbocharged 1.6 liter inline-4.

---- Specifications ----
Price -- Production --
Engine 1.6 liter inline-4 Weight --
Aspiration turbocharged Torque --
HP 230 hp HP/Weight --
HP/Liter -- 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed 148 mph

(from Jordi Miranda Press Release) Power sound on four wheels – the NEW Mini Clubman S as Showcar by MAC AUDIO

Since more than 35 years Mac Audio stands for high quality power sound in fields of car hi-fi with outstanding powerful sound components. No matter, if loudspeakers with high sound performance, enormously powerful amplifiers, vigorous subwoofers or other kind of accessories – Pulheim north-west of Cologne is the right address. What the single products in combination with each other are able to perform in practice shows the successful manufacturer in his completely loaded Mac Audio Showcar. This year, the company has chosen the new Mini Clubman S for demonstration aims.

With eight all different components from their own company, the Mac Audio Sound engineers have achieved a real masterpiece. Not only power, level strength and vigorous dynamics are characterizing the Hi-Fi car system, but also a very authentic, natural and rousing sound is waiting for the passengers of this Mini Clubman S.

The masterpiece was materialized by the following components: Programmable computerized power amps (3 pcs.) with digital sound processor and Mac Audio Reference 2.1 DSP to feed the subwoofer and to “drive” the front and rear speaker systems. Apropos loudspeakers – here are Mac Audio Star X 2.16 in action, each two in front and in rear. The powerful performing of deep frequencies is being made by two Mac Audio STX 12 Reference subwoofers in the same time. The complicated sound system is commanded by Audiovox VXE 7020 NAV head unit, the music comes from the Audiovox DAB+100 module or from the incorporated into the speedometer iPod Nano. In order to prevent to damage the precious Showcar when driving backward, there has been integrated a rear view camera into the Audiovox RVC 1.

Of course, the system demands high quality wiring and reliable power supply. In this case, the decision was made in favor of Stinger Power cables and a supplementary SP 1000 battery and two Mac Audio Cap 1.2 Farad condensers – this way, voltage peaks at maximal jumps of level and dynamics can be cut in a confident way. The necessary car insulation is assured by means of Dynamat Xtreme. Such a voluminous installation demands diverse special car conversions, for that, driver and passengers can intensively feel the mighty sound backdrop inside the Mini Clubman S. The motto “FEEL THE MUSIC” is not for nothing a guiding theme of the Mac-Audio sound team.

But not only inside of the Mac Audio Showcar rules exclusivity concerning the sound performance. A John Cooper Works body kit has been applied, meanwhile the mat white special painting with letters in Mac Audio design consciously attracts attention. Downward Oxigin 15 rims in 8 x 18 inch, fitted with Yokohama S-Drive AS01 in 215/35 R18 give the last touch for the massive appearing of the Mac Audio Showcar. But there is also power under the bonnet: the engine has passed stage 3, power optimization by Wimmer Rennsporttechnik, including engine electronics adaptation, optimized indraught and modified exhaust system. The result: 230 HP (169 kW) with 365 Nm of max. torque and Vmax of 239 kmph (148 mph). In this case, the Stoptech 4 piston high performance brake system is only logical. To be added the variant 1 KW coilovers in Inox. The interior in leather and alcantara and the Recaro Sportster CS sport seats give the exclusive frame for the sonorous Mini Clubman S sound presentation.

For more information about the Mac Audio Showcar please contact directly

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