2014 IMSA Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

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German tuning firm IMSA weighs in with this amped up version of the S63 AMG.

Exterior enhancements include an attractive new set of IMSA forged light-alloy 21" rims along with 255/35 front and 295/30 rear tires, as well as a module for lowering the air suspension system.

The most radical change lies under the hood. The engine receives a software upgrade and a new exhaust with better airflow, as well as a new air cooler and sports air filters. The turbocharger and interooler have also been worked on. The grand result is an impressive 720 hp with 796 lb-ft of torque.

---- Specifications ----
Price -- Production --
Engine 5.5 liter V8 Weight --
Aspiration twin turbochargers Torque --
HP 720 hp HP/Weight --
HP/Liter 130.9 hp per liter 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed --


Since nearly 10 years IMSA GmbH from Brueggen on the Lower Rhine is occupied to design real and astonishing the whole world tuning sensations and to put them into practice. The team around Holger Mohr is committed to Lamborghini, developing – not only for these aims – high-tech safety and high-performance components free of any mass production character, i.e. absolutely high precision handicraft. Besides virtuously mastered performance there are also absolutely individual design solutions in the result, with unique aerodynamic features for looking for equal driving fun. That is the way that the „brand“ of IMSA was established over continents.

Thanks to traditional relations with Mercedes, now and then a Stuttgart car attains also new honors. We will talk here about the new S-class, namely a Mercedes S63 4Matik Coupé. As AMG in Affalterbach has done a good job already, we need only some little „patches“ in order to put the white in this case Swabian flag ship to draw more attention. At first, there is a company own lowering module for the sedan like air suspension system, followed by a wheel-tire-combination of particular kind: IMSA forged light-alloy rims in 9x21 in. with tires 255/35R21 on the front axle and in 10,5x21 in. with 295/30R21 on the rear. The other modifications are made to support the engine. Besides the software update, there will to be spoken about the sports cats and the modified x-cross central muffler of the exhaust system, but also about the charge air cooler and the sports air filters. Still remaining the downpipes and the turbocharger outlet for optimized air flow rate and the intercooler radiator. By the way – nearly all of the mentioned here parts are made by IMSA, with the result, that enormous 720 HP (= 529 kW) with 1,080 Nm of max. torque are provided at free disposal.

In the future, IMSA will develop complete tuning programs for selected Mercedes-Benz product line models with focus on AMG. Already now we want to point out that actually besides the next power stages for the S-class Coupé an aerodynamics kit is being developed.

The worldwide success as result of the combination of know how, high performance technology and quality assurance approves the enterprise giving hope for further top-class solutions made by IMSA.

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