Fraud Prevention



Important: does not offer any kind of payment protection for any transactions that might take place between yourself and a buyer or seller found through its classifieds.

You're on your own.  However, implementing the following suggestions should minimize the likelihood of fraud.

  • Never accept a check of any kind that is over the amount of the item offered for sale.  This is a common scam to get you to "refund" the difference.
  • Probably the absolute safest way to make a transaction is through a reputable escrow service. We suggest  Never use an escrow service that you can not verify as being reputable, particularly if it is suggested by the other party in the transaction.  Please be aware that most escrow services on the internet are fraudulent. We very strongly recommend using a service like in any circumstance that is questionable.
  • Be cautious of individuals who only wish to communicate via email.
  • Be particularly cautious of any deal that seems too good to be true.
  • Take particular precautions when purchasing an item outside your own country.  Be aware that legal recourse can be much more difficult in these circumstances.
  • If you receive payment by check, do not assume that the check has cleared just because the funds become available.  Speak with your bank regarding the status of the check.

  • Beware of spoof sites.  These are sites that mimic the appearance of a legitimate site in order to obtain information, typically credit card information.  There is no part of the site that requests this type of information.

  • Obtain information on the other party.  Use a search engine to provide some level of background on who you are dealing with.