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The Countach LP500S featured a new 5 litre engine, produced 375 bhp and 302 Ib.ft. torque, and is designed to meet tightening emission standards.

The new Jalpa was introduced and went into production. It featured a new transverse-mounted midship V8 engine and 5 speed transmission. It was a two seater design with a modular instrument panel, excellent ergonomics and an updated equipment package, including a new ventilation system.

The LMA prototype is produced from the previous LM001 design. The newest model featured front engine placement, revision to the suspension, chassis and power steering. It was able to carry extra people where the engine had been in the Cheetah and LM001. It was redesignated LM002 in anticipation of a production series.


Featuring a "Quattrovalvole" four valves per cylinder engine, the Countach received its third major revision and was rechristened LP500S QV. Other alterations from previous models included revisions to suspension and brakes. With these changes the Countach became larger and heavier, but performance continued to improve.


Lamborghini celebrated its 25th anniversary as a manufacturer of exotic sports cars and introduced the last Countach, the 25th Anniversary Edition.


Lamborghini produced the Diablo, the fastest production car in the world, reaching a top speed of 202 mph.


The open top version of the Diablo, the Roadster is presented at the Geneva Motor Show.
The LM002 went out of production


This is "the year of the V.T."
In March 1993 the Diablo VT was introduced to the press and the public during the Geneva motor show.
In September, during the Lamborghini Day 3, the Diablo Special Edition was introduced to the public at the factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese. The production was limited to 150 units built during 1994-95.


In April Lamborghini presents a new gearbox for the racing marine engine. The Off Shore season starts off enthusiastically for the engineers who had projected the change and power of the engine (almost 950 H.P.)
November: the 1994 Off-Shore season ends with the last two races in Dubai. Lamborghini is world Champion in Class 1.


A magnificent special cherry red Diablo Roadster VT with a fucsia pink interior is presented at the Bologna Motor Show. Production of the Roadster took off immediately.


At the Geneva Motor Show the Diablo SV (Sport Veloce) is presented, a simplified and more sporty version of the Diablo, inspired by the legendary Miura SV. With an engine power of 525 bhp, reduced weight and a shorter final drive ratio the car reaches 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

The Diablo SVR is also presented, to compete in the Lamborghini monomarque championship. The championship successfully takes off and 26 Diablo SVR's line up on the main European circuits.

The Class 1 World Off-Shore Championship sees once again the victory of the Lamborghini marine engine.


The Lamborghini Monomarque Championship successfully continues with the participation of about 30 Diablo SVRs and it ends with the last race in Zhuhai, China.

Also for this year the Lamborghini marine engine has been judged as the World Class 1 Offshore Champion.


The Model Year ‘99 Diablo is presented at the Paris Motor Show with a major engine improvement which delivers, with its 12 V cylinders, new variable intake valve timing and the new electronics a power of 530 bhp (390 kW) in all models. The brakes have been improved with much wider discs and an advanced ABS system developed by the Lamborghini R&D centre. The dashboard has been completely redesigned and the new headlamps give a fresher look to the front of the Diablo.

The Lamborghini Monomarque Championship successfully continues with the participation of 30 Diablo SVRs and it started with a race in Melbourne, Australia.

The Lamborghini marine engines are still heading the World Class 1 Offshore Championship after 5 races. Five boats equipped with Lamborghini engines and gearboxes are leading the group of 11 participants.


The Diablo GT, a high performance version of the current Diablo with numerous body parts in carbon fibre, a 6 Litre engine, a more sporty chassis and suspensions, debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.
This model will be produced in a limited edition of only 80 units.

The 1999 Lamborghini Supertrophy Championship opened the season on the Monza race track with 26 Diablo SVR.

Lamborghini's Marine Engine won many races in the ”1999 Class 1 World Offshore Championship” by powering 5 out of 9 boats participating in the events.

At the Bologna Motor Show at the beginning of December, the Diablo GTR was presented. This model is derived from the Diablo GT and is intended for racing purpose only.
The 6 Litre V12 engine gives an output of 590 bhp (575 in the GT) and is equipped with a safety cage, rubber racing type fuel tank, automatic fire extinguisher and all the necessary devices needed for race track competition.


At the Detroit Motor Show, at the beginning of January, the Diablo 6.0 was presented. It is the Diablo for the year 2000 adopting the 6 Litre V12 engine (5.7 Litre V12 in the MY ‘99 version).
The power increases to 550 bhp (530 in MY ‘99) and the body is mainly made of carbon fibre.
The front and rear tracks are wider and the cockpit has been completely redesigned with extensive use of aluminium and carbon fibre.

In May 2000 the Lamborghini Supertrophy will start with the first race in Germany.
The Championship will line up 26 new Lamborghini Diablo GTRs replacing the Diablo SVRs of the previous years.

In May 2000 the Class 1 Offshore Championship is going to start and most of the boats will be equipped with Lamborghini engines.

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