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Alfa Romeo 2900 Touring Spyder

Images Copyright  Bill Spear

American Austins and Bantams  A website devoted to the American Austin and Bantam mini/microcars.


Alfa Romeo Sports Cars: The Color Family Album  Alfa-Romeo is truly one of the greatest automotive marques, from their early history of exclusive convertibles and coupes, and their astonishing success at the track, to the post-war period of more accessible, yet still memorable cars.  This books gives an illustrated overview of that history.   8 x 10,  96 pages, 96 color photos

Cars: A Celebration  Histories of 150 of the most famous cars ever produced are fully documented with over 1800 photos. But the most arresting features of the book are its size (nearly 600 pages), heft (6.5 lbs.), and quality (heavy, high-gloss paper with a sturdy binding). 9 x 11 , 576 pages


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