1968 Ford Mustang Convertible--Red

Images Copyright John Filiss


Standard Catalog of Mustang 1964-2001  With comprehensive pricing for the first 30 years of Mustang and thorough coverage of all 1964-2001 models, this first-ever book is the perfect reference for devotees of the pony car legend. Everything the Mustang owner, restorer, or potential buyer is looking for is here, including identification data, engine and chassis specs, original factory prices, body types and their numbers and model production totals.   8 x 11, 256 pages, 300 color pictures

Ultimate Mustang  Here is the saga of the Pony Car throughout seven generations of design and technological innovation. Beautiful full-color photographs and comprehensive text illustrate the Mustang's complete history, year by year, including interior and exterior evolution, racing advances, and the people behind the development and success of this American icon.   11 x 9 , 192 pages, numerous color pictures

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