1964 Ford Mustang 4-Speed Convertible

Image Copyright Rod

Photo taken on Australian coast.


Mustang 64 - 68  Written by the editor of Mustang Monthly magazine. A look at the early years of one of the most successful and groundbreaking cars in automotive history.   9 x 10 , 128 pages, 99 color and 45 b&w pictures

Standard Catalog of Mustang 1964-2001  With comprehensive pricing for the first 30 years of Mustang and thorough coverage of all 1964-2001 models, this first-ever book is the perfect reference for devotees of the pony car legend. Everything the Mustang owner, restorer, or potential buyer is looking for is here, including identification data, engine and chassis specs, original factory prices, body types and their numbers and model production totals.   8 x 11, 256 pages, 300 color pictures


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