1933 Auburn Salon V-12 Convertible Phaeton

Image Copyright Ken O'Connor

The Auburn Phaeton pictured here sold new for $1,848, making it one of the cheapest V-12 phaetons in the world at that time.  As the least expensive marque in the Cord empire that also comprised Duesenberg, Auburns represented exceptional value for their day.



The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars 
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  Writer and photographer Dennis Adler typically produces great books, and this is no exception.  Here he lists what he regards as 100 of the finest cars of all time.  I don't take these kinds of lists seriously, but for his book it's simply a springboard to highlight some beautiful cars that are too rarely seen, from the Mercedes Labourdette Skiff with Mahogany Body to the Alfa Romeo Bat 5 to the amazing Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic-Electron Coupe.  Stunning photography, with good image quality. 
Price:  $31.50
9 x 11 , 256 pages, 200+ color illustrations, hardcover
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