1929 Chrysler Sedan

Images Copyright John Filiss

The first Chrysler was built in 1924, making it the last of the Detroit Big Three to launch itself into the spotlight. Walter P. Chrysler, one of the most brilliant enterpreneurs of his generation, himself had been involved in the automobile industry since 1910, first at Buick (where he left after a conflict with Will Durant), then salvage operations at Willys and Maxwell/Chalmers.  Along the way, Chrysler made contact with three talented engineers--Fred Zeeder, Owen Skelton, and Carl Breer--who had formerly worked at Studebaker.  They developed the first Chrysler, which was the first volume-production car combining a high-compression engine, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, aluminum pistons, and full pressure lubrication. 

Chryslers did well both in the marketplace and in racing.  Chrysler was even the first American car to contest Le Mans, and managed a very respectable third and fourth place finish in 1928.



Chrysler Award-winning photographer, author, and automotive historian Dennis Adler brings the renowned history of Chrysler vividly to life. This beautifully produced history, written in celebration of Chryslers 75th anniversary in 2000, features original color photography, remastered archival prints, and in-depth text to tell the complete story of the Chrysler company from its early developments in the 1920s to today. Identifying captions detail styling, engineering, and key figuires thoughout Chryslers long history. Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto are highlighted as well. Silver Award winner in the History category at the 2000 International Automotive Media Conference. 10 x 10, 192 pages, 150 color and 50 b&w pictures


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