1925 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Cabriolet Corsica

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The Tipo 8 was introduced in 1919 with the first straight-eight engine ever put into series production.  The Isotta Fraschini was a favorite of royalty, and also extremely popular in the United States among the well-heeled.  The chassis alone cost $9,750.


Convertibles: History and Evolution of Dream Cars 
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  Huge, beautifully illustrated book.  Text is a little awkward but bearable, which I assume is from it either being translated or English not being authors Guzzardi and Rizzo's native language.  I also noticed some occasional factual errors.  Still a fine value considering its size and status as one of the most visually impressive car books in print.  Pretty even balance between pre-war and post-war cars.  It's a pleasure to see an in-print book giving extended coverage to marques like Isotta Fraschini and Hispano Suiza. 
Price:  $29.99 
14 x 10, 352 Pages, hundreds of color photographs, hardcover
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