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October 21 - 2016 BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 The all-electric Motorrad Vision Next 100 is an eminently stylish, self-stabilizing bike that breaks new ground in terms of safety and overall concept design.

2016 BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

October 18 - 1967 Dodge Hemi Coronet RT Convertible In 1967, Dodge introduced the R/T, a sportier Coronet with a heavy-duty transmission and unique hood vents. The “Road and Track”model was available in a two-door hardtop and the much rarer convertible version. Coronet R/Ts were available with either the standard Magnum 440ci engine or the 426 Hemi. Although also in 1969 Chrysler mandated that Hemi engines could only be put in their badged muscle car models (the Charger Daytona, the new Coronet R/T and the Plymouth GTX), a few lower trim level Coronets were known to have squeaked through the assembly line with 426 power under the hood. In all a mere 340 Hemi Coronets were ordered for the 1967 model year, though the actual number manufactured is said to actually be closer to 240.

1967 Dodge Hemi Coronet RT Convertible

October 18 - 1969 Plymouth Hemi GTX Convertible As the Detroit automakers started cooking up hotter versions of their intermediate models, (Pontiac’s Tempest GTO, Oldsmobile’s Cutlass 442, Chevrolet’s Malibu Super-Sport and Ford’s Fairlane GT), the GTX arrived on the muscle car scene in 1967 as Plymouth’s serious contender. It was a hot rod version of the square Belvedere - with 426 cubic inch Hemi V-8 power an available option.

1969 Plymouth Hemi GTX Convertible

October 18 - 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra Ordered on August 18, 1969, by Ford Motor Company in Dearborn as a Special Purpose Vehicle, this car was built at the Lorian, Ohio, assembly plant in September 1969. Power comes from Ford’s race bred C-Code 429 Cobra Jet V-8, cranking 370 HP and a brutish 450 lb-ft of torque through a console-shifted Cruise-O-Matic C6 3-speed automatic.

1970 Ford Torino King Cobra

October 17 - 2016 Vorsteiner Dodge Challenger V-FE 404 This beautiful Dodge Challenger is wearing 20" V-FE 403 wheels finished in Satin Black.

2016 Vorsteiner Dodge Challenger V-FE 404

October 17 - 2016 Vorsteiner Lexus RC & IS V-FF 103 Here we see the Vorsteiner V-FF 103 on two different Lexus models; the black 2 door RC, and the white 4 door IS. Both wheels are finished in Carbon Graphite. The RC features 20" wheels, while the IS has smaller 19" wheels.

2016 Vorsteiner Lexus RC & IS V-FF 103

October 15 - 1969 Dodge Hemi Daytona The Dodge Charger Daytona featured unique functional body modifications including a 23' tall stabilizer wing mounted on the rear deck, a sheet-metal nose cone that replaced the traditional upright front grille, a flush rear backlight, model-specific front fenders and hood, stainless steel A-pillar covers and fender mounted brake cooling scoops and heavy-duty suspension and brake setup.

1969 Dodge Hemi Daytona

October 15 - 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Changed only slightly for 1971, with a new grille and taillights, seat, and trim differences, the ‘Cuda convertible was wretched excess in an almost unimaginably limited production package. Only 1971 Barracudas would have four headlights, and it was also the only year of the fender "gills" on the 'Cuda model.

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

October 10 - 2016 Hyundai RN30 Concept  Hyundai is planning a new "N" performance line of flagship performance vehicles, and the wild RN30 is an early taste of what we might expect going forward.

2016 Hyundai RN30 Concept

October 10 - 2016 Volkswagen I.D. Concept Volkswagen is planning a major push into the electric car market, with as many as 30 new fully electric cars to appear in the next decade across the company's various brands. The latest innovations in electric car technology, and in fact the I.D. itself, are a pretty good indication that it's a wise move.

2016 Volkswagen I.D. Concept

October 10 - 2016 TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger GTR Gen 2 TopCar has created a new version of their popular Stinger GTR body package.

2016 TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger GTR Gen 2

October 10 - 2016 Ram Rebel TRX Concept Ram fittingly introduced this new 575 hp truck concept at the 2016 Texas State Fair. With a supercharged HEMI V8, the Rebel TRX can do over 100 mph even in some offroad conditions.

2016 Ram Rebel TRX Concept

October 6 - 2016 Novitec Torado Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe The Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe is both the least expensive Lamborghini, and in some respects the most sporting. Novitec Torado has a comprehensive program for the Huracan RWD that includes aerodynamic components and power enhancements.

2016 Novitec Torado Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe

October 5 - 2017 smart electric drive fourth generation In spring of 2017, smart will be extending electric mobility to their forfour model, making them the first major car manufacturer to offer vehicles with both gas and full electric power across their entire model range. The electric cars offer a range of 99 miles which, while not nearly as high as some more costly makes like Tesla, is probably more than adequate for an urban car. Charging time is 2.5 hours, with a 22 kW fast charger option that can get the job done in less than 45 minutes.

2017 smart electric drive fourth generation

October 3 - 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT & GT C Roadsters Mercedes-AMG debuts the long anticipated open-top version of their successful GT model.

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT & GT C Roadsters

October 3 - 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Ferrari has slowly been making the shift to smaller turbocharged engines in place of their long-standing tradition of naturally aspirated V12s. In that vein, the GTC4Lusso T, which replaces the 6.3 liter V12 with a twin-turbocharged 3.9 liter V8, is entirely to be expected.

2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

October 3 - 2016 Citroen CXperience Concept The stylish Citroen CXperience manages to achieve sports car styling in a 4 door sedan. Hopefully, this design or something close to it will replace the current Citroen C5 sedan.

2016 Citroen CXperience Concept

October 1 - 2016 Renault Trezor Concept One of the most stunning designs of 2016 is the Renault Trezor, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Renault defines the impossibly sleek 2-seater as a Grand Tourer.

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

September 24 - 2016 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster When Lamborghini debuted its spectacular Centenario Coupe in Geneva, it announced that it would also be selling a roadster version, each to be limited to 20 examples. Both cars promptly sold out, and now Lamborghini is revealing the open top Centenario to the world.

2016 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster

September 24 - 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage Special The Miura Homage offers a two tone color scheme reflecting those offered on the original Miura. The Homage will offer 6 color combinations in both solid and metallic shades, including Rosso Arancio Miura, Verde Scandal, and metallic Blu Tahiti. The car rides on Dione Rims sized 20" and 21", and offered in a finished of either matte silver or gold.

2016 Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage Special

September 24 - 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn and Wraith of Porto Cervo Rolls-Royce has built two bespoke cars based on the colors of Porto Cervo, with a theme from "Dusk until Dawn."

2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn and Wraith of Porto Cervo

September 24 - 2017 Bentley Bentayga Diesel Bentley tapped into its heritage to offer something quite unique with its first diesel. In addition to the twin turbochargers, this V8 is also supercharged. Superchargers are rarely used on diesels, as the high torque at low rpm typical of a diesel does not benefit as much from one of supercharging's greatest strength, the ability to offer high boost at low RPMs. Intriguingly, Bentley's decision to offer electric supercharging, which can spool up within 30 microseconds to fill the gap of any turbo lag, offers an almost unheard of torque curve in a production internal combustion engine. Maximum torque of 664 hp peaks at just 1000 rpm and runs to 3250 rpm.

2017 Bentley Bentayga Diesel

September 21 - 2016 Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 V-FF 105 This Ferrari 458 Italia features 20" Vorsteiner V-FF 105 wheels finished in Carbon Graphite.

2016 Vorsteiner Ferrari 458 V-FF 105

September 15 - 2016 BMW Vision Next 100 BMW is celebrating its centenary with futuristic designs from Mini, Rolls-Royce, and of course the parent company. The Vision Next 100 is more an exercise in style and prediction than it is a showcase of any near-term working technologies, with a focus on areas like 4D Printing and Artificial Intelligence.

2016 BMW Vision Next 100

September 15 - 2016 Mini Vision Next 100 As part of BMW's centenary celebrations, they have introduced the Mini Vision Next 100 concept to give a new look into what the future might hold for the brand.

2016 Mini Vision Next 100

September 12 - 2016 Spofec Rolls-Royce Dawn Spofec, the branch of the Novitec Group specializing in Rolls-Royce tuning and parts, has announced a full range of upgrades for the Rolls-Royce Dawn.

2016 Spofec Rolls-Royce Dawn

September 8 - 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible Turquoise For its 1970 lineup, GM lifted the 400 cubic inch restriction on their intermediate models, and the four divisions that produced muscle cars immediately dropped in their biggest engines. Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac took the 455 engine off the shelf, while Chevy chose to punch out the venerable 427 to 454 cubic inches, offering the hydraulic-lifter LS5 rated at 360 horsepower and the solid-lifter LS6. The LS5 and LS6 shared the same block; however, a 800-cfm Holley four barrel bolted to an aluminum manifold replaced the venerable Rochester QuadraJet.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible Turquoise

September 8 - 1970 Dodge Super Bee Plum Crazy The Super Bee was restyled for 1970, the last year that it was based on the Coronet. To differentiate it from the Coronet, the Super Bee did not get the dummy rear fender scoops as standard equipment. It also had horizontally divided (rather than individually segmented) tail lamps, and a new front-end that consisted of a twin-looped front bumper that Dodge Public Relations referred to as "bumble bee wings".

1970 Dodge Super Bee Plum Crazy

September 8 - 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Big Brake Fuelie Chevrolet wanted to take the Corvette racing, and in 1961 the Big Brake Fuelie was the weapon of choice. It featured a solid-lifter 315-horsepower fuel-injected engine with the Big-Brake package (RPO 687), stiff shocks, big brakes with front and rear cooling air scoops and finned drums, wide steel wheels, and a quick-steering adapter.

1961 Chevrolet Corvette Big Brake Fuelie

September 8 - 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Saffron Yellow For 1967 the 442 package, including the W-30, was only available on the Cutlass Supreme platform. It still had the stout 6.6 liter, 400 cubic inch V8, but new GM policy banning multiple carburetors for all vehicles saw the demise of the L69 with its triple carburetors, hence the new L78 with a four-barrel Quadrajet carburetor.

1967 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Saffron Yellow

September 8 - 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Indian Fire Red With the Plymouth Roadrunner tearing up the streets, Ford aimed the Torino Cobra right at it, dropping the fearsome 428 Cobra Jet into the engine bay and turning it into a serious muscle car package.

1969 Ford Torino Cobra Indian Fire Red

September 8 - 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback The GT 350 and GT 500 for the 1969 model year received an extensive face lift, the body alone increasing in length by 4 inches (100 mm). The GT 350 was now equipped with a 351 cubic-inch V8. Body mods included a fiberglass nose, NACA ducts on the hood, deep side scoops, and a duck-tailed rear end with the sequential Thunderbird tail lights.

1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback

September 5 - 2016 Cadillac Escala Concept The new Escala Concept forges ahead with a new design language. There are clear connections with Cadillacs of the last decade, but overall the style is more rounded and contoured, with fewer sharp creases.

2016 Cadillac Escala Concept

September 5 - 2017 Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition Hethel is a village in Norfolk England that in 1966 became the manufacturing home of Lotus Cars. Lotus is celebrating their 50 years in Hethel with this special edition supercharged Elise. The car achieved a lap time of 1 minutes 34 seconds on Lotus's Hethel test track, which is the fastest time for a factory Elise intended for the road.

2017 Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition

September 5 - 2016 ADV.1 Wheels Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat This Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat features ADV10.0 M.V1 Standard Series wheels in Matte Bronze. The wheels are sized 22x9 front and 22x10.5 rear.

2016 ADV.1 Wheels Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

September 5 - 2016 ADV.1 Wheels Lamborghini Huracan LP610 This Lamborghini Huracan showcases ADV10 Track Spec CS wheels finished in Titanium and Polished Gunmetal. They are sized 20x9 up front, and a larger 21x11.5 in the rear.

2016 ADV.1 Wheels Lamborghini Huracan LP610

September 5 - 1959 Bocar XP-5 Bocar gets its name as a shortening of Bob Carnes, the company founder who went on to build about 30 of these graceful sports/racing cars.

1959 Bocar XP-5


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